Alex Gonzaga Shows Us Different Ways To Move On From An Ex

Here's to all the brokenhearted girls out there!
PHOTO: Instagram/deniseochoa

Alex Gonzaga, who recently celebrated her first year anniversary as a vlogger and also received her Gold Play Button from YouTube, just released another vlog post that is super relatable!

In this hilarious video uploaded on September 11, Alex, with the help of Fifth Solomon, enumerates the different ways people try to move on from a breakup. There's the "Lasenggera" who copes by getting ~wasted~, the "Stress Eater," the "Tinderer" who dates A LOT to prove that she's okay, the "Britney(pretends to be okay but really isn't)the "Sisa," and the hot mess who makes a public spectacle while crying. 

Alex's latest film, Nakalimutan Ko Nang Kalimutan Ka, hits theaters on September 19. It's about the struggles of moving on from a failed relationship and stars Alex as Jaz, who tries to get over her ex-boyfriend (Vin Abrenica)She seeks help from a ~sketchy~ doctor (Candy Pangilinan) and her best friend (Jerald Napoles). It is written and directed by Fifth Solomon.

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