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Alex Gonzaga Explains How Vloggers Can Earn A Fortune Through YouTube

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Ever wondered how vloggers earn money from posting YouTube videos? Alex Gonzaga, who has 3.4 million YouTube subscribers, explained a few key concepts on Inside The Cinema With Boy Abunda. One basic idea is that vloggers earn money from video advertisements. “I get a percentage [from] ads na pumapasok. The range is mostly six digits talaga… So depende ‘yan sa dami ng videos at dami ng views mo.”

On a more advanced level, there’s Google Preferred. Alex explained that if you are an English-speaking vlogger and you have an international audience, you can get a higher rate from ads. “Sabi sa akin ni Wil Dasovich at ng isang taga-Google, one American audience is equivalent to four Filipinos. ‘Pag ang audience mo ay American o international at English-speaking ka, which is hindi ako, mas malaki ang CPM mo (cost per mille, a term of measurement used in advertising referring to "cost per thousand" impressions). Mas malaki ang rate na makukuha mo sa ads.”

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Now when a big company approaches YouTube to place ads, which are typically worth millions, YouTube will show them a list of Google Preferred vloggers. The chosen vloggers will receive a certain percentage from the ads.

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“Pero mabilis matanggal doon,” Alex explained. “May isang issue ka lang na gawin, isang insensitive o racist na sabihin, tanggal ka.”

While there is no MTRCB equivalent for YouTube videos, Alex said it’s the audience that acts as a governing body in a way. She said YouTube takes action when a video reaches a certain number of dislikes and negative comments.

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Bianca Gonzalez, who also has a vlog and guested on the show with Alex and Toni Gonzaga, said she hasn’t monetized her vlog yet. However, she shared that personalities can make money from social media posts. An up-and-coming model can earn P10,000 to P20,000 per Instagram or Facebook post, while a mainstream celebrity can earn P50,000 to P60,000 per post. If it’s a series of posts, it can go up to P100,000 per post, according to Bianca.

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