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Aljur Abrenica Breaks His Silence And Tells Kylie Padilla: 'Tell them who cheated first. Tell them who wrecked our family.'

PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/ajabrenica; (RIGHT) Instagram/kylienicolepadilla

Aljur Abrenica has finally broken his silence after his controversial separation from his wife, Kylie Padilla.

On October 19, the actor took to Facebook to write a lengthy post directed towards Kylie, urging her to reveal the truth behind their split.

"Breaking silence..." he wrote. "Kylie, please tell them the truth."

Aljur went on to insinuate that Kylie is using her statements to work for her own sake and that she is concealing something from the public. He also hinted that he was not to blame for their parting of ways.

Aljur said, "Don't hide and disguise your comments [and] statements for your self-gain. Tell them who cheated first. Tell them who wrecked our family. Tell them why I gave up on you, not on our family. The people deserve to know. I have no hate for them despite all the attacks and accusations they have towards me. I do appreciate their reactions because I know it comes from their genuine morality and support towards our family. So they also deserve to know the truth. "


Aljur apologized as he says he has broken their agreement about not speaking publicly about the issue. He also referred to the time when Kylie's dad, Robin Padilla, confirmed in a vlog that he and Kylie had indeed gone their separate ways and that a third party had been involved.

"I am sorry for asking these questions and for breaking our agreement of not speaking to the public," Aljur continued. "When your dad (Robin) opened to the public his one-sided story, I maintained my silence because of our agreement. But now that people who support us still throw accusations and read your statements, it breaks my heart that you can sit still despite the truth."

It seems Aljur can no longer handle netizens accusing him of reportedly destroying his family because of an affair. He ended his post by challenging Kylie to confess the truth for the sake of their kids.

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"Tell them who cheated first," Aljur said. "Tell them who are you with right now. Have the courage to settle this. Tell your dad the truth. If not for them, do it for our children. After so many years, will you allow our children [to] believe this story that you and Dad left for me? At first, it was fair for me to take all the blame. Is it also fine with you guys to let the innocent be attacked with false accusations?"


In case you haven't been following Aljur and Kylie's controversial breakup, here's a recap:

Word first broke out in July about Aljur and Kylie's troubled marriage when Robin confirmed that they had separated. In the same month, Kylie denied rumors that she was dating JM de Guzman, saying they are just friends.

Following Kylie's revelation that she and Aljur split up, rumors started circulating that Aljur was dating other female celebs. In a tweet, Kylie said that there is "no issue."

In an interview, AJ soon confirmed that Aljur is courting her and that they're in the getting-to-know stage. Netizens also identified a masked couple holding hands while walking at a mall to be Aljur and AJ. 

On October 15, AJ said in a Facebook post that she was not the third party that caused Aljur and Kylie to part ways.

Amid Aljur and AJ's developing relationship, Kylie says that she just wants Aljur to be happyCurrently, she and Aljur are focused on co-parenting their children, Alas Joaquin and Axl Romeo.


As of this writing, Kylie has not yet reacted to Aljur's statement.

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