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All The Deets You Need To Know About BTS' 'Map Of The Soul: 7' ~Comeback Map~

ARMYs are legit overwhelmed rn.
PHOTO: Instagram/bts.bighitofficial

Fellow ARMYs would know that BigHit Entertainment tends to drop HUGE BOMBS about BTS at 12 a.m. Korea Standard Time (hence the ARMY-specific term "12amkstphobia"), and last night's big reveal was no exception. At exactly 12 a.m. KST (11 p.m. Manila time), BigHit released a "Comeback Map" for BTS' upcoming album Map Of The Soul: 7. It consists of four ~phases~ full of exclusive BTS content that will be released from January 10 to February 28.

This concept is unlike anything we've seen from BTS' previous comebacks which makes it so freakin' nerve-wracking and exciting! So, here are some key takeaways from BTS' "Comeback Map":

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There will be TWO comeback trailers: "Shadow" and "Ego."

ARMYs speculated that the next two albums after 2019's Map Of The Soul: Persona would be called Shadow and Ego respectively. This was debunked earlier this week when BigHit announced that the new album is called 7. BUT, it looks like the theory isn't so far-fetched at all 'cause BTS will be dropping two comeback trailers: "Shadow" on January 10 and "Ego" on February 3. I'm guessing these are ALSO SONGS, like RM's solo intro, "Persona," from MOTSP. So does this mean we can expect "Shadow" and "Ego" to feature solos from the rest of the rap line?!?!

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The first single is dropping really, REALLY soon.

Mark your calendars for January 17 (it's only eight days away!) for MOTS7's first single. It's also said to be released as an ~art film~ performed by MN Dance Company. We're so here for more BTS collabs!

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There's this new thing called Connect.

I honestly have no idea what Connect is BUT I do have some theories. Okay, so Connect pops up several times on the map: January 14 (Online), January 14 (London), January 15 (Berlin), January 21 (Buenos Aires), January 28 (Seoul), and February 5 (New York). What I'm guessing is that Connect can be a series of listening sessions, fan meetings, or even a private concert with select ARMY across the globe. I mean, at this point the possibilities are endlessssss.

The album will drop one week BEFORE the music video.

Okay, this is kinda unheard of for BTS 'cause they usually do a simultaneous release of their new album + the MV of their carrier single. But it isn't the case for MOTS7. The full album drops on February 21, along with another film that'll be performed this time by BTS for their ~lead single~ (which I assume is a totally DIFFERENT song than January 17's first single). On February 28, the lead single's official music video will be released. That means they're leaving us empty for one whole week to wait for the MV. Expectations will be high, I must say.

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TL;DR: There is SO MUCH TO UNLOAD HERE, and I am still confused/overwhelmed/anxious for what BTS and BigHit have in store for us. But god, do I LOVE IT.

Pre-orders for Map Of The Soul: 7 are currently available on various platforms online:

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