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Mark Your Calendars: 'Anastasia' Drops On Netflix On June 1st

Let's take a journey to the past!

How old were you when you realized that Anastasia was *not* a Disney movie? If you've just had your mind blown (it's a 1997 film by 20th Century Fox), we're not just giving you random trivia. The animated classic is set to hit our screens pretty soon—and by soon, we mean it drops on Monday, June 1 on Netflix!

ICYDK, Anastasia is very loosely based on the legend of Grand Duchess Anastasia of Russia. The film follows the story of a peasant girl named Anya, and two conmen, Vlad and Dimitri (who else had a *huge* crush on this guy?). The three journey to the past, er, Paris (sorry, couldn't resist), where Anya discovers that she might actually be the princess she’s been impersonating.

Feel like watching and singing along to a classic? Visit your Netflix account, look for the titles listed under Coming This Week, and click that alarm bell to get a reminder notif when the movie drops!

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Anastasia/20th Century Fox
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