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Andrea Torres On Taking Back An Ex: 'Probably not'

'If we end up parting ways, I know I already did everything.'
PHOTO: INSTAGRAM/andreaetorres

In November 2020, it was confirmed by Derek Ramsay that he and Andrea Torres have indeed broken up after over a year of dating. The two admitted their relationship in September 2019 after they starred in the GMA-7 show The Better Woman. Derek has since moved on and is now in a relationship with Ellen Adarna. They have been officially together since February 2021. According to the 44-year-old actor, his breakup with Andrea was mutual. "It was both of us," Derek said, "we ran across a little problem that became something much bigger. I guess we both realized na it was something both of us couldn't make certain adjustments to. We decided, instead of forcing it, let's just go [our] separate ways."

Andrea, on her part, has been keeping quiet about her love life until recently. In an interview with Dolly Anne Carvajal for, the 30-year-old star answered candidly about the qualities she looks for in a man, on the possibility of taking back an ex, her advice to those seeking to move on from a breakup, and more. Read Andrea's answers below in full:


On the qualities a man should have that will make her fall in love again:

"Sincerity and consistency."

On taking back an ex:

"Probably not. I'm always 100 percent invested in my relationships. I will fight for it with all I have because I don't like having 'what ifs' in life. So, it takes a lot for me to decide to walk away. If that happens, if we end up parting ways, I know I already did everything."

Her advice to those seeking to move on from a breakup:

"Reflect on what happened, get the lesson, and allow yourself to grow. I truly believe that everything that happens in our lives has a purpose. With that in mind, if things don't turn out the way I expect them to, my faith assures me that everything is going according to God's plan, and that it is for my own good. When we pray, we usually talk about the things that we want. But more than that, we must not forget to pray for His will to be done, too. Let Him. Allow Him to guide you and everything else will follow.

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"You're hurt because you loved, so now you have to focus that love on yourself. Do things that make you happy, feed your soul, take care of yourself so that the next time you fall in love, you will have so much more to give."

On being happy whether single or in a relationship:

"I embrace whatever season I'm in and make the most out of it. The hardest feeling is realizing you just let time pass. When I'm single, my aim is to discover more about myself. I try to be the best version of myself so that when a relationship comes along, I'm sure that I'm ready and I'm whole. My partner deserves that. Either way, I'm happy. I want to stay on the positive side always so I attract more positive things my way."

Andrea is set to star in GMA-7's newest show Legal Wives, a drama about a man from Marawi Muslim royalty (Dennis Trillo) and his three wives (Andrea, Alice Dixson, and Bianca Umali). Check out the show's teaser below:


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