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Angel Locsin Clarifies That Artistas Don't Get Everything *For Free* At The ABS-CBN Ball

Designer clothes and glam teams aren't always sponsored, you guys.
PHOTO: Instagram/therealangellocsin, (TWEET) Twitter/143redangel

Angel Locsin chose not to attend this year's ABS-CBN Ball (we missed her!) and decided to donate the money she would've spent on an outfit and glam team DIRECTLY to the Bantay Bata Foundation. "It's not much," Angel wrote on Instagram, "but [it] will help make a difference [in] someone else's life." 

People on the Internet applauded Angel for her gesture, and one fan even took a screenshot of her IG caption and tweeted it, saying, "This is why I really admire Angel." 

Twitter user @jemanorange, however, questioned Angel's actions and replied to it with: "But she's not gonna spend naman sa pag-attend ng ball. Everything is sponsored naman sa ganyang event. The dress, hair, and makeup, even hotel na stay-an nila. Unless KKB na ngayon? At hindi provided ng mother studio nila.

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Angel replied, saying, "Says who?" and @jemanorange clarified that he wasn't hating on Angel, that he's a fan of her charity work, and that he just wanted to know if this was ~still~ the case! TBH, we're very curious about how these transactions work as well, and Angel's explanation is more than enough: 

"Yes, minsan may ex-deal, pero hindi ganoon lahat ang case... Like, last year, 100K for [the] gown alone ang binayad ko. Wala pang fee ng stylist, glam team, hotel, etc... Also, hindi rin naman fair na hindi ka magbayad kasi hindi madali ang ginagawa ng team. You get my point na?" Angel added that for her, spending is okay minsan, but it just makes her feel guilty to spend so much money on herself. 

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Let this serve as a lesson for all of us: Never EVER assume something unless you have proof! But all is well between Angel and Twitter again, and we learned a very important tidbit about celebrities and how the showbiz industry works today. Keep it up, Angel! 

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