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Anne's K-Drama Obsession Might Be Too Much For Erwan

'Should I unfollow @annecurtissmith?'
PHOTO: Instagram/annecurtissmith

Fact: Anne Curtis is addicted to K-dramas.

We know this because almost anyone with internet access (meaning: all of us) sees her endless posts about her current K-drama obsessions on the reg. And we've got the receipts:

But it seems like Anne's spamming has gotten a bit too much for her fiancé Erwan Heusaff; he even went on to "rant" about it last week in his IG Storiesit was all in jest, of course!

With his signature sarcasm, Erwan posted a screenshot of Anne's K-drama tweets, writing, "First thing I see when I open Twitter."

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He then went on and conducted a survey if he should unfollow Anne on social media. (He obvs didn't.)

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But Anne didn't let her mon amour have the last laugh by correcting him on her fandom. #sass

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