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Anne Curtis Is Even More Obsessed With Gong Yoo Than We Are

Welcome to the K-Drama fandom, Anne!
PHOTO: Twitter/Anne Curtis-Smith

If you've been keeping tabs on Anne Curtis' social media accounts, you'll have noticed that she's been super obsessed (although, the term is putting it lightly) with a certain K-Drama hottie: Our favorite oppa, Gong Yoo.

Anne just found her way into the world of K-Drama by starting off with Gong Yoo's hit fantasy drama Goblin. And as her very many tweets prove, girl is seriously hooked!

Exhibit A. The endless fangirling

We honestly don't know when she'll stop.

Exhibit B. #AnneYoo FOREVER!

Yup, a ship name exists: AnneYoo. And they've already gotten some fan art. LOLZ


Exhibit C. Erwan who??

Erwan Heussaff, being the ~perfect~ fiancé that he is, has been documenting Anne's Gong Yoo obsession and fully accepts her fandom. <3

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