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We Can't Believe Antoinette Jadaone ALMOST Lost Her Engagement Ring In Rome

'Tiningnan ko yung daliri ko. WALA ANG SINGSING.'
PHOTO: Instagram/tonetjadaone

Filmmakers Antoinette Jadaone and Dan Villegas, who have been together since 2015, got engaged in February! After their offish announcement, Direk Tonette posted a photo of her hand, this time with her engagement ring wrapped in what looked like tape to keep it in place. The reason? SHE ALMOST LOST IT! 

In her Instagram post, Direk Tonette shared that just when they were about to leave their hotel in Rome, Dan asked her where the ring was. "Tiningnan ko yung daliri ko. WALA ANG SINGSING."

Upon this ~frightening~ discovery, the couple started hunting for it. Direk Tonette checked the bathroom, the sink, the toilet bowl, and even the trash can! She checked her suitcase and unpacked all her clothes, until finally, the ring fell out. 

Her hilarious caption reads: "Kung kaninang umaga PH time ay may naramdaman kayong hangin, 'yon yung buntong-hininga ko. Jusko. Yung sigh of relief, akala ko nagawa ko na dati, pero hindi. 'Yon pala ang sigh of relief. Kapag ipapagawa ko ang sigh of relief sa mga artista, alam ko na kung paano talaga. Take one kaya ko 'yan.

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Direk Tonette promises that from now on, she will always make sure she's wearing her ring before leaving the house. She even quoted Four Sisters And A Wedding: "At 'yan ang alamat ng kasalanan talaga ito ng Tiffany's at pagpalaganap ng diamond rings e. Oo, siya talaga may kasalanan, hindi ako. Bakit ako? Bakit parang kasalanan ko?!" 

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Antoinette is set to direct James Reid and Nancy McDonie's upcoming TV seriesThe Soulmate Project. It's going to be a 13-episode show patterned after US + Korean dramas and will be partly set in Korea and the PH.


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