PHOTOS: Arci Munoz’s Best ~Halloween~ Costumes (So Far)

We're in love with every single one.
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Arci Munoz has always been our peg when it comes to creativeand colorfulhairstyles and makeup looks. But did you know? The actress/rock band singer/icon has been dressing up (not just on Halloween) and giving us the ultimate costume goals for years now!

Here, we’ve compiled them all for you: 

Belle, 2018

For her 29th birthday, Arci dressed up as Belle from Beauty And The BeastShe even had an adorable pupper dressed as “Beast” with her! Arci had a party to help raise funds for furry animals from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). 

“Zombie” Snow White, 2017 

Last Halloween, Arci went as a ~darker~ version of Snow White and spent it walking around Disneyland with her boyfriend Anthony Ng.

Snow White, 2017 

When she turned 28, Arci dressed up as the famous Disney Princess. She also spent her birthday celebrating with kids from a charity in Rizal.

P.S. Where were the dwarves, though?   

Sailor Moon, 2016 

Arci is a certified otaku and for Halloween 2016, she cosplayed as her favorite sailor soldier in Japan. 

BTW, she also has this amazing stash of Sailor Moon collectibles!  

Jack Skellington, 2016 

Here’s Arci as a character from The Night Before Christmas during her friend’s bridal shower/Halloween party:

Harley Quinn, 2015 

Who could forget this iconic costume? For a magazine photoshoot in 2015, Arci went all out as the ~psychotic~ character from Suicide Squad, which was played by Margot Robbie.  

Corpse Bride, 2012 

What a rare find! Here's Arci for Halloween six years ago: 

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