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An Honest Review Of 'Last Fool Show'

It was fun, light, and refreshingly offbeat.
PHOTO: Last Fool Show/ABS-CBN Star Cinema

The Long Plot, Sans Spoilers

Mayessa (Arci Muñoz) is a filmmaker who has experienced success in the indie film industry. The movie starts with her pitching an indie film concept to a major mainstream movie company, Galaxy Films. However, the Galaxy Films executive (Bibeth Orteza) she was presenting to insisted that she let go of the indie concept for now and think of a movie idea that would be a hit with the masses—something in the line of rom-com, a genre Mayessa was not exactly keen on tackling. But she needed money to help her cancer-stricken mother (Snooky Serna) so she said yes.

Mayessa decides to do a rom-com based on her own failed love story with her ex, Paulo (JM De Guzman).

The Short, Honest Plot

Last Fool Show is a movie within a movie that gives viewers a peek into how a commercial film is conceptualized and made.

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The Main Actors And Where You Last Saw Them

Arci Muñoz as Mayessa/Isa

This actress-slash-rock-singer was last seen in the 2018 teleserye Since I Found You, where she played the leading lady of Piolo Pascual.


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JM De Guzman as Paulo/Drei

This actor-singer was last seen in the afternoon teleserye Araw Gabi, his big comeback project in ABS-CBN with co-star Barbie Imperial. He also starred in the 2018 movie with Rhian Ramos called Kung Paano Siya Nawala.

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Did You Know?

1. Arci and JM go back a long way. They've known each other since college taking up theater arts at the University of the Philippines in Diliman. Here's a cute throwback photo of them as college students in 2005.

2. Last Fool Show was written and directed by Eduardo Roy, Jr., an indie filmmaker who's responsible for the award-winning film, Pamilya Ordinaryo. This is Roy's first mainstream movie.

3. A portion of this movie was shot in Boracay. It's the first movie to shoot in the newly-rehabilitated Boracay.

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What I Think:

I have to admit I'm a sucker for formula rom-com. A light love story + popular actor and actress as leads + funny best friend? I'm SO watching that movie! So when the Galaxy Films executive rejected Mayessa's (Arci Muñoz) screenplay pitch about a woman who loses her son to the drug war and tells her to make a rom-com instead, I had to laugh because, TBH, I would choose to watch the rom-com over the gritty drug war movie. (Sorry to my artsy film friends!)

It's just that when I go to the movie house, it's usually because I want to de-stress, laugh a lot, and maybe a cry a little. And I think a lot of people feel the same way, judging by the number of rom-com blockbuster hits not just in the Philippines, but from other countries as well.

I loved that Last Fool Show allowed viewers to get a glimpse of the process of commercial movie-making and how it did so without taking itself so seriously. It actually reminded me a little of the 2011 indie comedy Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank a parody of filmmaking in the Philippines, which JM De Guzman was also a part of.

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Obviously, this movie is far from formula and I surprisingly enjoyed it! It was fun, light, and refreshingly offbeat. It wasn't perfect though. There were scenes that felt a little bit out of place or trying too hard to be funny.

Arci was her usual wacky self as Mayessa and Isa. I've observed that any role she plays, she lends her real-life personality too. This movie is no different. Director Eduardo Roy, Jr., in a press con, shared that he actually had Arci in mind when he was writing the role of Mayessa.

I enjoyed JM's portrayal of Paulo and Drei. I loved seeing him do more comedy than drama in this movie. He's one Filipino actor that, I think, deserves more lead roles. He may not be a Piolo or a John Lloyd in terms of commercial success (yet), but he certainly has the acting chops, the magnetism, and the versatility that those two guys have.

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What My Friend Thinks:

"I loved the movie essentially because Arci is a natural and JM is always a joy to watch when he acts, whether it be drama or in a rom-com. While their chemistry is not quite there, they made their characters convincing and fun. Plus, the movie is an ode to the MOVIE FAN—it gives a glimpse on the painstaking process by which a movie is made—a labor of love by the actors and its director." —Mina

I'd Recommend It To:

Formula movie fans who are game to try something new, and anyone who wants to watch something light, fun, and fresh.

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