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Aww, Aubrey Miles Is Still *Kilig* To Be Engaged After 18 Years With Troy Montero

'I feel like a kid when I look at my ring.'
Aubrey Miles still kilig to be engaged even after being with Troy Montero for 18 years
PHOTO: Instagram/troymontero

Even after being together for 18 years, Aubrey Miles says she still feels butterflies now that she's engaged to Troy Montero.

In an interview with Dolly Anne Carvajal of Inquirer, the actress shared the charming story behind Troy's proposal, which happened on March 22.

According to Aubrey, Troy was "unusually quiet" that day in Boracay as she asked him to go glass kayaking. Little did she know that he would propose.

"When we were in the kayak, he said, 'I have something for you,' and opened the box and asked, 'Do you like it?' I replied, 'Wow, I love it… It’s big.' Then he popped the question, 'Will you be my forever?' I said 'Thank you' before saying 'yes'."

Troy Montero proposes to Aubrey Miles
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Although the celeb couple has been open about not seeing the need for marriage as their relationship is so strong, they finally decided to tie the knot in 2020. Sadly, they had to cancel their wedding plans because of the pandemic. Still, Aubrey was super *kilig* when Troy knelt before her and asked her to marry him. 

Aubrey Miles engaged to Troy Montero
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"I used to say that I don’t mind not having an engagement ring or a proposal stage," Aubrey said. "Since we’ve been together for so long, it seems like we are past that stage already. So, kahit diretso kasal, it’s okay with me. But nakakakilig pala to be engaged. I feel like a kid when I look at my ring. It’s another milestone and story to tell."

Aubrey and Troy previously planned on getting married in Batanes. It looks like they're still set on being wed outdoors, either in the mountains or at the beach.

Congrats, Aubrey and Troy!


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