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5 Must-Watch Romantic Comedies Starring Baifern Pimchanok

PHOTO: Back to the 90s/Mono Pictures

We fell in love with Baifern in 2010, when she starred opposite Mario Maurer in the Thai movie Crazy Little Thing Called Love. Her character Nam did everything she could for her ultimate crush P'Shone to notice her, but it turns out that he felt the same way about her from the very start! 

If you want more of that *kilig*, here are five films starring Baifern as a rom-com leading lady: 

1. Love Summer (2011)

Her leading men: Thanwa Suriyajak and Thana Aiemniyom

The sitch: A group of four unlikely friends travel to the beaches of Phuket, Thailand. My Drama List writes: "The guys and girls start to have feelings for each other, but they can't make up their minds who's going to end up with who!" 

2. Cat A Wabb (2015) 

Her leading man: Arak Amornsupasiri

The sitch: A production trainee (Baifern) has a crush on the assistant commercial director (Arak). They're assigned to shoot an ad starring a cat named Johnny, but things fall apart when Johnny somehow escapes! 

3. Back To The 90s (2015) 

Her leading man: Dan Aaron Ramnarong

The sitch: Because of a *magical* phone booth, a teenager (Dan) from the present travels back in time to the '90s to fix things between his mom and dad. However, he ends up falling for Som (Baifern), a friend of his dad's.  

Where you can watch it: Netflix 

4. Friend Zone (2019) 

Her leading man: Naphat Siangsomboo

The sitch: Palm (Naphat) has had a crush on his BFF Gink (Baifern) ever since high school, but it seems like she doesn't feel the same way about him. As ~grownups~, whenever either of them goes through a breakup or a rough patch in a relationship, they're always there for each other. Will Palm ever get out of the friend zone?  


Where you can watch it: HOOQ, Netflix

5. Laser Candy (2020) 

Her leading man: Mario Maurer

The sitch: In a futuristic world, an AI building is powered by human feelings! According to the Bangkok Post, "due to a software glitch, [the AI] falls in love with a real girl (Baifern), escapes the building into the body of a real man (Mario), to try to win her affections."

Where you can watch it: In cinemas soon (hopefully)!


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