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Bea Alonzo Had The *Sweetest* Things To Say About Dominic Roque In Part Two Of Her Cali Vlog

Bea spoke about wanting to surprise Dom on his birthday because 'I think he deserves it.'
PHOTO: youtube/bea alonzo

Who else has been living vicariously through Bea Alonzo's California vlogs for the past two weekends? Yep, I'm sure a lot of us are super happy to have ~traveled~ along with Bea and her boyfriend Dominic Roque all over Los Angeles to Northern California as they took the most breathtaking pics (Dom's a photography enthusiast, fyi) and hopped from one restaurant to another in their food crawl (they're both foodies!).

Part two of Bea's Cali series dropped over the weekend and here are some of my key takeaways: 1. They did their research and traveled with an itinerary, 2. Bea likes chicken while Dom likes clam chowder (you'll see them order the same things in different restaurants, lol), 3. Bea likes pairing her meals with a glass of alcohol, 4. Dom is really profesh and ma-effort in taking all their videos and pics, and 5. Dom is super maalaga with Bea.

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Let's focus on the last bit, shall we? There was an interesting part in the vlog where Bea did a sort of "confessional" while waiting for Dom alone in their car. We know that the two want to keep their relationship as private as possible, but it was refreshing to see Bea open up about Dom in all honesty. She talked to the camera about how she wanted to surprise Dom for his 31 st birthday but was troubling over the fact that she hadn't found the perfect place to celebrate it:

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"It's going to be his birthday on the 20th. It's like days from now. And I haven't found a good restaurant where I could kind of surprise him naman 'cause I think he deserves it, especially on this trip. Like, he wakes up way ahead of me just to get me coffee because he knows mainit ulo ko without coffee in the morning and I can't function. So yeah, he's been carrying my luggage, he's been driving. Feeling ko this should be special for him. By the way, he's here already. I will update you in a while."

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Well, Bea didn't update us on where they celebrated his birthday but showed snippets of a simple celebration with friends. Actually, Bea has previously spoken about how Dom's love language is acts of service and admitted she isn't used to be taken care of that way. In an interview with GMA News she said, "He's very caring. He really takes care of me, hindi nga ako sanay, e. Sobrang inaalagan niya ako because it's really his love language, service. So, talagang pag kumakain kami, talagang pinagsisilbihan ka. And then, the things na hindi ko iniisip na kailangan ko, biglang oorderin niya online para lang mas mapagaan ang buhay ko—all those things."

To watch parts one and two of Bea's Cali vlogs, click here and here.


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