Here's Your Guide To Bea Alonzo's Dating History

Did you know that she dated Zanjoe Marudo for FIVE years?
PHOTO: Instagram/andersongeraldjr, Mark Jesalva, Instagram/onlyzanjoemarudo

31-year-old Bea Alonzo has been the subject of controversy over the past few days because of certain Instagram posts that have been blowing up on the internet. These posts involve her boyfriend of almost three years, Gerald Anderson.

But did you know that before dating Gerald (again), she was in a super-serious relationship with Zanjoe Marudo? Here, let's take a look back at Bea's dating history and past ~flames~: 

Mico Palanca 

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They first started getting to know each other in 2002, when Bea was a teenager and Mico was in his early 20s. Mico courted her for years before their eventual breakup in 2008.

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During an interview with YES! magazine in July 2013, Bea shared: "Hindi talaga kami magkaintindihan. He was so much older than I was, so iba yung priorities niya. Iba siya magtrato. Ayoko naman kasing magsalita nang masama tungkol sa kanya, but it wasn't a good relationship." 

Jake Cuenca 

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In August 2008, Bea revealed that she was dating Jake! At that time, Jake had just gotten out of a serious relationship. They weren't "exclusive," and according to Jakethe two of them went out on several dates but they eventually decided to become just friends. He said it was a mutual decision so that they could focus on their respective careers.

Zanjoe Marudo 

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Zanjoe and Bea were together for more than five years! Bea first confirmed that she was in a relationship with Zanjoe back in October 2011. In July 2013, Bea surprised Zajoe during his birthday celebration on the TV show Banana Split and they even sang "A Thousand Years" together.  

But just like any couple, they had their problems. An emotional Zanjoe announced their breakup on January 20, 2016, during his guesting on Tonight With Boy Abunda"Wala naman madaling way, so kailangan talagang pagdaanan," Zanjoe replied when asked on how he was coping with the breakup. Bea admitted that the problems in their relationship stemmed from a lack of time for each other. 

Gerald Anderson 

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Bea and Gerald had a three-month "whirlwind" romance back in 2010 before reuniting for the film How To Be Yours in 2016. They were soon spotted on different dates and out of the country trips and in October 2018, Bea even said that she hoped to marry Gerald someday! She also threw her boyfriend a surprise birthday party in March 2019. 

Breakup rumors started to fuel on July 21, 2019, when Bea shared some very *telling* Instagram posts referring to being hurt multiple times by someone and that doing the same mistake twice was "ENOUGH" for her already. People on the internet were quick to deduce that she was talking about Gerald and his Between Maybes co-star, Julia BarrettoThere have been no official statements from any of the parties as of the writing of this article. 

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