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We're Loving All The Sweet Photos Of Bea Alonzo And Dominic Roque Together

So what exactly is going on here?!
PHOTO: Instagram/dominicroque

Happy hump day, everybody! It looks like the internet is now shipping a new local showbiz ~couple~ and it's none other than Bea Alonzo and Dominic Roque. You might be going, "Huh? Aren't they just really close friends?" Well, yeah they are, BUT Dominic happened to post a very telling Instagram post last night that broke the interwebs. The Kapamilya actor, racecar driver, and ~forever third wheel~ of KathNiel, shared a throwback pic of him and Bea at Ichiran Ramen in Tokyo which they visited in November 2019. In his caption, he wrote the sweet words, "tila ako'y nabighani... [black heart emoj]"

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So the big question here is: What's going on with these two?! Er, we honestly do not know! Whether they're low-key going public with their ~relationship~ or are just totally in love with each other as friends, it's really up to them! We're all just here double-tapping each of their photos together.

With a bit of internet sleuthing, we found a couple of other sweet photos of the two on their Instas. This first one, though, is actually a solo shot of Bea at Ichiran on the night her photo with Dom was taken! Oh, and if you look at the caption, she credits him as the photog. Cute!

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Here's another snap of them during their Tokyo trip, this time of them having drinks with Star Magic road manager Nina Ferrer:

And lastly, we have a bunch of photos taken on Bea's birthday party in October 2019. In the album, Bea and Dom have two pics together, but whatevs, they cute and that's all that matters.

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