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A Timeline Of Bea Alonzo And Gerald Anderson's Relationship

Did you know that they were together for three short months back in 2010?
PHOTO: Mark Jesalva, Nice Print Photo

On July 21, 2019, Bea Alonzo posted a couple of cryptic messages on Instagram, which fueled rumors that she's having problems with boyfriend Gerald Anderson. Some people even claimed that there was cheating involved on Gerald's part.

This is not the first time that rumors like these have surfaced, and Bea and Gerald's relationship have gone through different ups and downs over the years. In fact, they first dated in 2010, and later had a "second chance" in 2016. 

Here, let's take a look back at their relationship:   

2016: Bea and Gerald reunited for the film How To Be Yours 

The film told the story of Niño (Gerald), a sales agent who's bent on attaining stability and Anj (Bea), a self-taught cook who dreams of working at a high-end restaurant. Niño initially chooses love over career until he meets Anj whose choice is the total opposite.

July 2016: They spilled deets about their 2010 relationship 

During their guesting on Gandang Gabi Vice, Bea and Gerald shared that they were together for only three months in 2010 and talked about crying inside a plane because of each other.


"Ours was a whirlwind romance," Bea said. "Yung mabilis, yung hindi mo akalain na tatamaan ka, ayun pala tinamaan ka pala talaga." 

October 2017: The pair attended the Star Magic Ball together

The pair looked adorable on the red carpet. Speculations that they were back together started to surface. 

March 2018: Bea unfollowed Gerald and Pia Wurtzbach on Instagram

At that time, Gerald was starring in the film My Perfect You with Pia Wurtzbach. Breakup rumors sparked when Bea unfollowed both of them on InstagramGerald later admitted that it was a misunderstanding—which they were soon able to fix. 

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May to September 2018: They were spotted on more than a few kilig dates

Although they were still "unofficial," Gerald took Bea on a surprise helicopter ride in May. They were spotted watching a PBA game together and were even caught on the event's "Kiss Cam." They were also posting separateand soloInstagram photos and stories in Hong Kong, and it didn't take long for fans to figure out that they went there together.  


October 2018: Bea talked about marrying Gerald in the future 

When Tito Boy asked her on Tonight With Boy Abunda, "Is the name of the man you're going to marry Gerald?" Bea answered, "Sana."

March 2019: Bea threw a surprise birthday party for Gerald 

She also posted a nine-year-old throwback picture of the two of them, along with a sweet message. She wrote, "You are a wonderful man. Happy birthday, babe. You are my great love story."


May 2019: Gerald said he became a better man because of Bea 

During an interview on Tonight With Boy Abunda, Gerald admitted that he sometimes gets scared of Bea. He shared, "Siya ang tipo ng babaeng alam kung ano'ng gusto niya at kung ano'ng deserve niya. For the last two, almost three years, ang dami ko'ng na…I think I've become a better man pagdating sa pagiging isang partner."


He also admitted that he had a ~playboy~ phase when he was younger. 

July 21, 2019: Bea posted *cryptic* messages on Instagram  

Her Instagram post didn't come with a photo, but she wrote, "'You can't make the same mistake twice, the second time you make it, it's not a mistake anymore, it's a choice.' ENOUGH."

Comments suggest that this has something to do with Gerald and his Between Maybes leading lady Julia BarrettoBea's Insta account also reveals that she has deleted her posts with Gerald.


July 26, 2019: Bea talked to the press about their *breakup* 

Bea finally spoke up about the alleged cheating scandal involving Gerald and Julia! She told the press, "Honestly, to my understanding, we did not break up. He just started not talking to me."

August 5, 2019: Gerald finally broke his silence!

In an interview, the actor said: "Siguro yung nangyari, just like any relationship, we [have a fight], and we have one big fight. [Doonnalabas lahat ng emotions and feelings." He also said that there was NO THIRD PARTY involved. 


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