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Beauty Talk With Anne Curtis got the chance to chat with this celeb stunner about body and her secret to looking gorgeous!

Showtime co-host and award-winning actress Anne Curtis is definitely one of the biggest names in showbiz today, and one of its loveliest faces to boot. Blessed with a natural radiant glow, a bright blush to her cheeks, and a winning smile, it's not merely a matter of opinion. She's just really pretty. It's easy to assume that half the work of making someone look good on camera is done by a makeup artist, but not with this young actress. For Anne, it's effortless.

We marveled that she worked up a sweat doing dares at the Whisper Dares event for Whisper Cottony Clean (her latest endorsement) and managed to stay picture perfect. She learned the pretty complicated Whisper Dance on the spot from celebrated dance troupe the Philippine All-Stars (and performed it more than a few times!),  played a little Twister, did some challenging-looking yoga, and answered juicy questions from the media on top of all that. Still, she looked fantastic through it all.

It was only later, when had a one-on-one interview with her, that we realized she barely had any makeup on her face! Just mascara, blush, and clear lip gloss! (Check out our pictures in the gallery below; you may not believe us, but you'll see it's true!) We just had to talk beauty with the lovely Anne, and here's what she had to say on the subject:

What, for you, makes a woman beautiful?

As cliche as it may sound, I think it really is how you feel inside, because you could be the most beautiful woman, but if you wake up and you feel sad, or you're depressed, you don't have that glow that they say. So I really think it's how you feel inside. And that's what makes you beautiful as well.

What do you think would be your most beautiful quality?

Physically? (Laughs.) Well, if it has to be physically, even if it was my insecurity growing up, my lips. But now, I love my lips! (Laughs.) Channeling Angelina pa! But other than that, it's that I love to laugh. Super! [I'm] always laughing!

How do you stay beautiful? Do you follow a particular beauty regimen?

No, not really. Well, at least once a month, maybe I'll go to the derma and then have my face cleaned lang, but other than that, wala. I just take off my makeup. I make sure I do. That's it!

Are there any beauty tips or secrets that you swear by?

Just that, taking off your makeup, because if not, [when you] wake up, you'll either have a blemish na, whatever, but that's just really it.

Do you wear makeup when you're off cam?

No, I go bare. Siguro the most, if I have to go out--I don't like wearing makeup talaga but I put red lipstick [on].

How do you maintain your figure?

On my free days, I'll do yoga or badminton, but that's pretty much it!

Lots of women have insecurities about their bodies or the way they look. What would you tell these women to help them feel better about themselves?

It's inevitable that, you know, growing up, you'll have your insecurities. You'll want something: a body part, or you want a look that someone else has and you don't. But I think it's more of just being happy with what you have. Like, learn to accept it, learn to love it, even find ways that you, if you feel that you're on the chubby side, find out ways that you can lose weight in a fun way, that you're enjoying it. Find a group of friends [to do it with], you know, stuff like that. Find ways that you can improve yourself and then just be happy with that.

Who are the five most beautiful women for you?

Audrey Hepburn, Angelina Jolie, Natalie Portman, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Penelope Cruz. Oh! Nicole Kidman as well!

For their physical attributes?

The face! Beautiful! And not only that, of course; Audrey for her work with UNICEF, and Angelina, too. So you know, that's why, behind a beautiful face, if you have a beautiful spirit or soul, it just comes out.

Click through to the Gallery to see our photos of Anne gamely doing all the Whisper dares!

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