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Behind The Scenes With Cosmo Online Hunk Arron Villaflor


July Online Hunk Arron Villaflor is adorable--and we're not just saying that because he's a hottie. This romantic sweetheart believes that guys should always make the first move, and admits to making a girl feel special the old-fashioned way--through flowers and chocolate. If you think chivalry is dead, you should meet this guy!

Arron's hunk points also extend to his life plans: he is totally committed to finishing his studies, even though he could have easily just gone straight for the acting route instead. Besides being a college grad, Arron also hopes to open his own restaurant and dreams of being a great dad someday.

Before you think he's some boring, straight-laced stud who doesn't know how to have fun, think again--this guy enjoys randomly busting dance moves in public, and can even deliver a cheesy pickup line with a straight face (watch our behind-the-scenes vid of his shoot for proof.)

Congratulations, Arron. You've won us over.

To see more of super adorbs--and super kulit--Arron, check out our behind-the-scenes photos from his Online Hunk shoot!

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