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Behind The Scenes With Cosmo Online Hunk Jaco Benin

We're not quite done with Jaco! After swooning over his four Online Hunk galleries all month, see exclusive outtakes from his Cosmo shoot.

Jaco Benin BTSSince August was Breakup and Bouncing Back month in Cosmo, we wanted an Online Hunk who's classy, put-together, and accomplished, to remind you that there's always someone better out there who can be the man you deserve. After seeing his heartthrob-material looks and learning more about what a sweetheart he is, we couldn't think of anyone better to feature this month than budding actor-musician Jaco Benin. The team had a blast working with the rising star--and now, you'll get to see how we shot him for his month-long feature.

The peg? That stylish, well-put together guy we always wished our men would be. But, we wanted to bring out Jaco's sweet side, too. We got the help of makeup artist Cats del Rosario to groom Jaco, while we enlisted stylist Donna Cuna-Pita (former Cosmo fashion editor) to prepare a polished wardrobe of blazers, ties, sweaters, and dressy shirts.

When we suited him up in layers, he became the guy you'd take home to meet your folks. In his sexy button down, he was the ideal new man in your life. In his relaxed, casual polo, he looked like the guy who'd take it easy on your heart. And when we shot him in that cute suit on the floor, we revealed a refreshingly sexy sweetheart.

Photographer Eric Alessi (who was a Cosmo Online Hunk in May last year!) had no trouble shooting Jaco, who modeled like a pro. Although Jaco exuded that sexy glamour so well in his four galleries, we also wanted to share with you the playful, easy-going guy beneath those pretty boy clothes. Launch the gallery to see Jaco behind-the-scenes at his Cosmo shoot--you'll fall for him more, if that's even possible.

Watch the video coverage of the shoot and interview with Jaco when you click on this link.

Shot on location at Marriott Hotel, Newport City Complex, Pasay City

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