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Bela Padilla Proves Everything Is Fine With Dani Barretto In Latest Instagram Post

The two are officially friends again!

BFFs Bela Padilla and Dani Barretto have officially made up after the unfollowing fiasco that sparked rumors about their friendship going south.

Bela proved that everything is fine and well after posting a photo of Dani and husband Xavi Panlilio's first-born, baby Millie, on Instagram. Bela captioned it with a cute note, complete with a sweet nickname for Millie (it was Milliephant, BTW!) after meeting the little angel for the first time.

Both Dani and Xavi commented on her post. Xavi praised Bela for the cute nickname she gave his daughter, saying: "A part of me is mad that your nickname for my daughter is better than my nickname for her. But I'm happy that it was [you] who thought of such a good one." Dani, on the other hand, expressed her happiness about the two finally meeting. 

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In a PEP-exclusive interview, Bela explained that the little tussle they had recently was nothing more than just a misunderstanding blown out of proportion. "I feel like it was so unnecessary na it came out as, like, a news article, or it was even talked about," she said, when asked about the issue of them unfollowing each other. She also admitted that she briefly felt a little bad after finding out from a fan that Dani unfollowed her first. 

"Like, a fan messaged me that Dani unfollowed me, so I checked. And yun nga, I saw that she did, so I got annoyed." 

Still, Bela cleared that the issue was nothing more than the small misunderstandings friends have every now and then. 

"Like in any kind of relationship, we go through things. But Dani and I are okay. In fact, we were talking last night so it's not, like, something bad happened to us." 

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Glad to see the girls are okay again!

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