It Looks Like Bella Hadid + The Weeknd Just Went IG Official

Oh, it's (almost certainly) on!
PHOTO: Getty Images

Love is in the air and it's sweeping up everyone—including famous exes! (I apologize for that entire sentence, but I love love, and I won't apologize for it! Except that I kinda did! I don't know!)

Bella Hadid and The Weeknd seem to have rekindled their romance, as the attractive twosome was seen snogging all over Cannes last month before jetting off to Paris for some more romantic times!

Here's a pic someone caught of them in Paris on Thursday night:

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And although they're not officially a couple (at least, like, they haven't made a public statement?) (being a celebrity is so weird), The Weeknd did post some rather ~scandalous~ photos that seem to indicate they're very much back on. And by scandalous, I mean black and white photos of a woman holding sugar packet labeled "Sugar Daddy."

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Pay special attention to the nails:

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And now look at Bella's nails here:

I'm calling it: INSTA OFFICIAL.


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