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13 College Movies That Will Make You Want To Go Back ASAP

In case you want to *relive all the fun*!

Do you ever wish you could go back to college for a weekend? It sure sounds like a great idea, but I can promise you it's not. You're just feeling nostalgic.

If you're just trying to relive all your fave memories...there's probably a college movie that will do the trick. Head into your very adult living room and watch one of these 13 films instead.

1. Legally Blonde

College movies don't have to be about undergrad, you know. Legally Blonde is, like, THE college movie. Besides, even if you didn't go to law school, you probably used an Elle Woods quote for your graduation Instagram caption.

2. Everybody Wants Some

College in the '80s fun? I just feel like maybe the Sunday Scaries would've been significantly easier to deal with if Snapchat and Instagram Stories did not exist. IDK, maybe that's just me.

3. Pitch Perfect

I'm not saying you should watch this singalong version of Pitch Perfect while you pre-game later...but I'm not saying you shouldn't do that either.

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4. Accepted

Everyone keeps calling 2019 the year of the scam...but honestly, Accepted was way ahead of us in 2006. This movie about a guy who makes his own fake school because he gets rejected from a bunch of colleges is hilarious AND has Blake Lively. It's perfect, basically.

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5. Sydney White

Sometimes your soul just needs to see Amanda Bynes take down a sorority that wasn't very nice to her! Sydney White is about a girl named—you guessed it—Sydney White. She tries to pledge the sorority that her late mother was in, but she realizes it's kind of awful and ends up having to live in a dumpy fraternity house.

6. Neighbors

The most unrealistic thing about Neighbors is the notion that any human being on this planet would have a problem with Zac Efron moving in next door. Actually, scratch that, it's the idea that anyone you went to college with could ever be as hot as Zac Efron.

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7. Spring Breakers

Do you know what I did when I didn't have a ton of cash to blow on a spring break trip? Bought a bottle of Bondi Sands and cut my losses. Do you know what Vanessa Hudgens, Selena GomezAshley Benson, and Rachel Korine do in Spring Breakers? CRIMES!

8. Sorority Row

Just in case you forgot that Audrina Patridge from The Hills is in a movie about killer sorority girls. Maybe a college horror movie will erase all your FOMO and remind you how shitty all those hours at the library were?

9. National Lampoon's Animal House

Have you seen this classic? Maybe you should, considering you've probably attended at least one party at an apartment with an Animal House poster taped to the wall.

10. Life Of The Party

Life of the Party raises the question: Is it enough to call your mom every five minutes while you're at college? Or should she just totally move in with you?

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11. The House Bunny

Yes, the premise of this movie is a little yikes, but Anna Faris, Kat Dennings, and Emma Stone are SO funny in it. One side effect of watching The House Bunny is the tendency to use Shelley's creepy trick to remembering people's names. Kinda worth it though.

12. 22 Jump Street

I just truly hope we can all find a friendship as pure as Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Jenko's (Channing Tatum).

13. Monsters University

Most of these movies are sensory overload, so here's a wholesome one. Monsters University is so pure and wonderful. Don't let anyone shame you for watching it as a grown adult!


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