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9 Of The Best K-Drama Theme Songs That Will Make You Kilig All Over Again

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In the world of K-dramas, a perfect soundtrack makes the show just as a good plot and on-point casting do. How else can you internalize that obligatory slow-mo kissing scene or that well-executed "pull-hug" move without the right music crooning in the background? Often, these songs stick to us as much as the dramas they are from. Now, we're not saying it's time you add a whole new batch of songs to your playlist, but here's a list of the best K-dramas theme songs you can listen to just in case you want to relive your fave show's moments.

P.S. We really do recommend that playlist update.

1. "For You" from Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

Performed by: EXO-CBX

This drama led by IU (Hae Soo) and Lee Joon Gi (Wang So/King Gwangjong) has such a bittersweet ending that fans are still begging for a sequel to get some *closure* from it. "For You" by CBX (sub-unit of Korean-Chinese group EXO) perfectly captures the essence of the show with its slow, smooth tempo and heart-wrenching lyrics that will make your fangirl heart bleed again. EXO Baekhyun, one-third of CBX, also acted as one of the princes in the series.

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Want a happier tune to soothe your Scarlet Heart angst? You can also listen to "Say Yes" by Punch if you want a *kilig* tune instead.

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2. "Stay With Me" from Goblin: The Lonely And Great God

Performed by: PUNCH and EXO Chanyeol

Just hearing the first few notes of this song is enough to make you reminisce Goblin's best scenes. The song by one of Korea's OST queens, PUNCH, and EXO member Chanyeol is the first song in the drama's soundtrack to reach a million downloads—with its music video racking up a million views within 24 hours of its release! "Stay With Me" has become quite iconic for fans of the series after it was used on some of Kim Shin and Eun Tak's most pivotal scenes (e.g. their first kiss). 

3. "Paradise" from Boys Over Flowers

Performed by: T-Max

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Who could ever forget the opening sequence of the 2009 hit with this song in the background? "Paradise" was performed by boy act T-Max, a group where Kim Joon—the actor who played the character of Song Woo Bin in the drama—was a member of. The song was often used during scenes that showed the lavishness (and good looks) of the members of F4, so it came as no surprise that it became an instant hit as well.

4. "My Destiny" from My Love From The Star

Performed by: Lyn

The heart-tugging lyrics of this song has made it impossible for fans not to belt the first few lines of its chorus every time there's a dramatic scene on the show. "My Destiny" was so well-received in South Korea that it ranked number two in the Gaon Charts during the time of its release. The song was also performed by Maricris Garcia for GMA-7's adaptation of the drama.

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5. "Everytime" from Descendants Of The Sun

Performed by: PUNCH and EXO CHEN

There are many reasons why Descendants Of The Sun was such a big hit. Besides its good plot and perfect casting, the show also has a killer soundtrack that you can put on loop. "Everytime," performed by Punch and EXO Chen, is among the best of its track songs with its catchy tune that will inspire anyone to fall in love like Si Jin and Mo Yeon did. The song hit number one on a number of music charts in South Korea like Melon, Mnet, and Naver Music.

6. "Perhaps Love" from Goong/Princess Hours

Performed by: J & Howl, revival by Eric Nam and CHEEZE

Consider this one of the OGs of K-drama theme songs. "Perhaps Love" from the drama Goong (or Princess Hours here in the Philippines) is one of those classic tunes the early wave of fangirls love and remember. The song, which inspires *kilig*even after the first time you've heard it, was also translated into Tagalog and performed by Rachelle Ann Go and Christian Bautista when it aired in the country.

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7. "From Now On" from Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

Performed by: Kim Min Seung

Though underrated, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo has some of the best songs among K-dramas that recently aired. Each song on its soundtrack does a good job in inspiring the innocent kind of love between two friends-turned-lovers. "From Now On" especially nails this down when it was used on some of Joon Hyung and Bok Joo's she-loves-me-she-loves-me-not scenes. All. The. Feels!

8. "From The Beginning Until Now" from Winter Sonata

Performed by: Ryu

Noona fangirls, raise your hands! No one can challenge the fact that the first wave of K-dramas that hit the country had some of the meanest soundtracks. "From The Beginning Until Now" from Winter Sonata may be heart-wrenching with its slow melody and bittersweet lyrics, but it set the tone for one of the most legendary dramas ever aired in South Korea and the Philippines. We won't judge if you ugly cry again after playing this song.

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9. "Even If I Die, It's You" from Hwarang

Performed by: BTS V and Jin

BTS members V and Jin lend their vocals to one of the best theme songs of Hwarang, The Poet Warrior Youth. "Even If I Die, It's You" has a unique beat that doesn't make the song sound too melodramatic and old-school (the plot is based from the ancient Silla Kingdom of Korea) while still capturing the interesting theme of the drama. Fun fact: V also played the role of one of the Hwarangs in the story!