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12 Red Velvet B-Sides You Should Add To Your Playlist Right Now

Listen to Red Velvet’s best B-sides to hype yourself up for these queens’ return!
Best Red Velvet B-sides
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Red Velvet is finally returning for another mini album this August and it’s been a long time coming—their first full-group release since 2019! And because this comeback is happening around the time of the group’s 7th anniversary, their pre-album promotions centered around old memorabilia and tracks from past albums. Queens Mystic General Store revolved around a vintage store concept (ukay, anyone?), with their Instagram posting shots of the “store” and items from previous eras. On the other hand, Queens Archive showcased stunning clips of every member to much-loved b-side tracks such as “Bad Dracula” and “I Just.”

Their anticipated 6th mini-album, entitled Queendom, will drop on August 16. But before that, we’re also following this girl group’s direction and going down memory lane with their b-side tracks. Red Velvet isn’t only known for having amazing singles like “Psycho," “Red Flavor,” and “Russian Roulette,” but also stellar b-sides that are sometimes better than the singles themselves. So we dug deep, revisited their discography, and talked to hardcore Reveluvs to compile this list of b-sides to listen to before these queens’ comeback.


The *Best* Red Velvet B-Sides

1. "Kingdom Come"

Taken from the album Perfect Velvet, “Kingdom Come” is most likely on every Reveluv’s list of favorite Red Velvet b-sides. This slow and sensual R&B track has the girls showcasing strong vocals as they sing about persevering love that’ll last until kingdom come. A good song to send to your K-pop loving significant other.

2. "Eyes Locked, Hands Locked"

Another Reveluv favorite is “Eyes Locked, Hands Locked,” due to the fact that every Red Velvet member shines vocally on this track. From Wendy’s and Seulgi’s harmonization at the 3:30 minute to Joy at 1:42, and Yeri’s undeniable lines, this song is another track that’ll go down K-pop b-side history. 

3. "Look"

If we could put the entire Perfect Velvet tracklist here, then we totally would, because this no-skip album is literally quite perfect. But another fan favorite is the funky, 80s-inspired “Look,” with rounded, expensive-sounding production that only Red Velvet deserves. Play this track while dancing alone in your room with colorful lights.

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4. "Sunny Side Up!"

This track is a popular b-side off the album The ReVe Festival: Day 1, with a somewhat dark, cool yet quirky undertone to it that only queens like Red Velvet could pull off. Reviews for the song were positive and it was even part of MTV’s list of best K-pop album tracks of 2019. Also, the falsetto on “Sunny Side Up!” is unreal, so if you want to get goosebumps in the best way possible, then listen to it now!

5. "Somethin Kinda Crazy"

The Ice Cream Cake EP has a different, underrated type of charm, with other good RV tracks such as “Automatic” on its lineup. “Somethin Kinda Crazy” was used in the Queens Archive promotional videos, and deservingly so! The chimes and percussion in this song make this track have a magical vibe to it, ideal to play while walking into a mystical vintage shop.


6. Future (Start-Up OST)

Red Velvet doesn’t have too many soundtrack appearances, but when they do, they go hard. “Future” is a dreamy and romantic track off of the Start-Up drama OST, and a worthy song to describe the Seo Dal Mi-Nam Do San ship. It’s probably the best song on the entire OST as well. Not biased. Or maybe just a little bit.

7. "Body Talk"

“Body Talk” is one of the best tracks off of RV’s Rookie EP, with “Talk to Me” going hand in hand as well. But this mid-tempo beat sounds mournful yet strangely freeing—something that you could maybe play while wistfully looking at a nice view with some breeze. An unsung gem off of the group’s discography!

8. "Cool World"

“Cool World" makes me feel like I’m the main character in a movie,” a Reveluv friend mentioned while trying to describe this track. This empowering song talks about self-love and taking on the world on your own terms. It’s one of the best “get it, gurl,” K-pop songs out there.


9. "Perfect 10"

“Perfect 10” is yet another song off of the epic Perfect Velvet album, with sultry production and unparalleled vocals. Wendy starts with ASMR-esque whispering before the rest of the singing begins as the group croons about yearning and romance. This track was also used during the Queens Archive promotions, focusing on Irene, who is, matter-of-factly, a perfect 10/10 herself. 

10. "Blue Lemonade"

A lot of Reveluvs agree that this should have been the single off the Summer Magic - Summer mini-album. The upbeat pop track showcases dainty vocals that are guaranteed to get stuck in your head for days. A fun fact? Wendy actually recorded the demo for “Blue Lemonade,” and she talked about the process on one of their V-Lives.

11. "So Good"

This song is most likely called “So Good” because it truly is so good. This R&B banger is Seulgi’s favorite track from the RBB EP, and it was actually used for her video during the Queens Archive promotions. By how great the song is, we can probably all agree that Seulgi’s taste is top tier.


12. "Butterflies"

For a song that talks about the butterflies you get in your stomach when you see someone you really like, this dancey Red Velvet track goes hard! Found off the RBB EP, this track will have you moving the moment it starts playing. This is one of the best RV songs to put on your workout playlists.


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