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Blinks, You Have To *See* BLACKPINK's Amazing Performance At The MTV Video Music Awards

The LSS-inducing 'Pink Venom' keeps playing in our heads.
WATCH: BLACKPINK's Performance At The MTV VMAs
PHOTO: Instagram/mtv

BLACKPINK just served a red carpet ~lewk~ that I personally will not be getting over for at least 10 business days. The mega-famous girl group *also* just so happened to bless us with a truly amazing performance that can be described as iconic. Their song of choice? "Pink Venom," which has been described as the group's comeback after a brief hiatus. And TBH, it shows! The choreo? Fab. The vocals? Insane. The pro-duc-tion?!?! Left me speechless! Even miss Taylor Swift was singing along!


And here’s more footage because I know you’re dying to relive it:

Last week, the group's members attended a press conference in South Korea and discussed the buzzy single.

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Member Jennie expressed the group's desire to communicate their individuality in the song—a theme that is also reflected in the title of their album, Born Pink, per Billboard. She mused that "Since our album’s title is ‘Born Pink,‘ we wanted to relay our identity in the song as much as we could. Since ‘pink‘ and ‘venom‘ have contradicting images, we thought they were kind of reminiscent of us. We are named BLACKPINK and contradiction is our charm—we wanted to show that. It‘s pink venom, a lovely poison, it‘s the words that most express us.”

BLACKPINK - ‘Pink Venom’ M/V

Later, the singer affirmed her sentiment, adding that the "essence" of the group is rooted in "confidence." "Some worry that we might stray away from our identity, but we believe it‘s the most distinct and clear way to represent us," she said. And when they reflected on the music vid—which, BTW, has become the most-viewed music video on YouTube this year to date in the first 24 hours *and* and the third biggest ever per Variety—fellow group member Lisa gushed that the set was nothing short of amazing. BRB, learning alllll the dance moves, don‘t mind me!