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Brad Pitt Stopping To Watch Jennifer Aniston's SAG Awards Speech Is Truly EVERYTHING

This is the only good thing about 2020.

Yesterday, both Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt won Screen Actors Guild Awards, and I'm not saying that's a sign that they belong together, but I'm also not not saying that. The former couple had several MOMENTS during the show, but nothing was cuter than Brad stopping what he was doing backstage to watch his ex-wife give her acceptance speech. Like, this is honestly the only good thing about 2020 so far:

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If you're currently like, "Excuse me ma'am, I need an angle that shows his face," good news, I gotchu. And yes, dude was BEAMING:

As a reminder to those of you currently this close to writing fan-fic, Brad and Jen have become tight in recent months—in fact, he was literally one of the last to freakin' leave her holiday party. And Us Weekly reports that the pair have decided to ~bury the past~, with a source saying "A reason Brad and Jen get along so well now is that they've agreed to bury the past and not analyze what went wrong. They're both looking forward, not back."

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"He's taken responsibility," the source continued. "He's tried to make amends. He didn't realize the magnitude of the hurt he caused Jen at the time. He was so swept up in Angelina Jolie, he couldn't see outside that tunnel....They've always cared about each other, and they think fondly of their time together. For Jen, seeing Brad is like seeing a dear old friend again. They have a real bond."

Okay, cool, but ARE THEY DATING THO?


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