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The Most Relatable Twitter Reactions To BTS' 'BE' Comeback

Will we ever get over this era?
PHOTO: Youtube/Big Hit Labels

BTS just came back with their newest album and everyone just can't contain their feels! And that includes us—we would just like to point out that they really have a way of making their fans cry. Not from sadness, but just because from sheer comfort and healing. When they dropped their "Life Goes On" music video, we literally had to to calm ourselves down because you know what? That song is the healing we all need. 

YouTube/Big Hit Labels

During their press con earlier, BTS didn't stutter when they said that they went to send comfort to people through this album. For years, the group has been consistent in giving us the most meaningful and creative tracks and this comeback is no exception. We know other ARMYs can totally relate, so here are some Twitter reactions that describe how we all feel:

No one could've said it any better.

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If this ain't true:

Yup, even Jeff Canoy agrees:

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Twitter knows us well.

Alexa, please play "Blue & Grey" while I resume my meltdown.

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Time for my daily #SadGirlHours

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On the brighter side, we laughed harder than we should during this part. Please protecc this man:

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Admit it: You also can't help but sway to this "Dis-sease"

Where is the lie tho? 

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BTS keeps on toying with my emotions and I am not complaining.

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