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10 BTS Songs With The Most Meaningful Lyrics

BTS’ Most Inspiring Song Lyrics, With English Translations, Spring Day Music Video
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A global sensation, music phenomenon, and household name—so many superlatives have been said about the K-pop group, BTS, as they continue to break and set new records, and cement themselves in the industry. With their visually-appealing music videos, stunning choreography, and one-of-a-kind personalities, it’s hard not to fall in love with the seven boys who catapulted to success and made a name for themselves. But aside from these, their fans, the ARMYs, feel a more personal connection to the group in a way that resonates with them the most: Through BTS’ heartfelt and moving songs. 

Far from the usual K-pop tracks that you might be used to, BTS’ discography discusses various themes that anyone can deeply relate to. The song lyrics talk about loving yourself, spreading your wings, and the truth untold about societal issues. The group gives hope to those who need it the most, no matter what they’re going through in life—puberty, family problems, school, work, and romance. BTS was able to prove and define how language is not, and should not be, a barrier when it comes to music—the exact reason why they’re loved by many no matter the age and nationality. 

Here’s a list of their songs with the most meaningful lyrics (translated in English) that will truly inspire you.

1. “21st Century Girls”

All the ladies, put your hands up! BTS tells us how we’re worth it and perfect in a song that celebrates how superior the strong, independent woman is, and mentions how we should live our lives based on our own terms. #JustQueenThings



Whatever other people say

Whatever this world tells you

You’re the best to me just the way you are

2. “On”

From the album Map of the Soul: 7, “On” is a power anthem that will encourage you to face your fear and unleash your inner fighter, even if you can’t understand what people are saying. In other words, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger—so bring the pain on. 


Even if I fall, I come right up, scream

That’s how we’ve always been

Even if my knees drop to the ground

As long as they don’t get buried

It won’t matter

3. “Spring Day”

A beautiful symbolism of how seasons change and nothing remains the same, “Spring Day” is all about longing for a loved one and eventually finding them, and expresses how after darkness comes the light.


You know it all

You’re my best friend

The morning will come again

No darkness, no season is eternal

4. “Outro: Wings”

If you’re looking for a track that will motivate you to get up, put your chin up and fly, this would be it. “Outro: Wings” will take you to the sky with lyrics stemming from being brave and believing in the wonders that you can do.


I knew these small feathers would become wings

I knew the wings would make me fly

I had that faith

Along with laughter

5. “Whalien 52”

Did you know that the 52-hertz whale is the loneliest creature in the world? Singing at a high frequency of 52 Hertz, this particular whale can’t be heard by any of its co-species, leaving them all alone to wander the vast ocean. BTS as music geniuses used this metaphor to share how we are sometimes alienated and ignored—plus all the silent cries it comes with—but there will always be someone who will recognize our voice.

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No more, no more

And endless signal will reach someday

Everywhere, even to the other side of the earth

 6. “So What”

Giving us the “I don’t care” vibes, “So What” will push you to do what you want to do, and not mind anything or anyone that comes your way—because there will always be somebody who will call you right or wrong. Just live young, wild and free, as what the boys sing.


So what

Don’t stop and worry yourself

It’s good for nothing

Let go

Although there’s no answer yet

You can start the fight

7. “Lost”


Ever feel like you’re unsure of which path to take? Listen to “Lost” and you might find your way with lyrics that talk about how there’s always a reason behind all the pressure and frustration that you’re feeling right now, so just don’t ever lose your dream.


I still believe even though it’s unbelievable

To lose your path

Is the way to find that path

 8. “Not Today”

BTS cheers for all the underdogs in the world and conveys how they might be ordinary and an extra, but when those two words are combined, they are extraordinary. As aggressive as it sounds, the lyrics will also pump you up and remind you that one day you may lose, but not today.


If you can’t fly, then run

Today we will survive

If you can’t run, then walk


Today we will survive

If you can’t walk, then crawl

Even if you have to crawl, gear up

9. “Answer: Love Myself”

If there’s a song that perfectly sums up BTS’ message to their fans, it’s “Answer: Love Myself”. The track stitches all the reasons why self-love is as important as loving anyone else. This also serves as the group’s UNICEF campaign on ending childhood and teenage violence. 


Loving myself might be harder

Than loving someone else

Let’s admit it

The standards I made are more strict for myself

The thick tree rings in your life, 

It’s part of you, it’s you

Now let’s forgive ourselves

10. “We Are Bulletproof: Eternal”

BTS reminisces their early days and remembers the hardship they went through—how they had so much pain and too much crying—in a touching ode to their fans. “We Are Bulletproof: Eternal” is where the group thanked the ARMYs for being there all throughout their journey and tells how they’re not just seven with them.  


We were only seven

But we have you all now

After seven winters and springs

At the tips of our entwined fingers

Yeah, we got to heaven

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