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These BTS Variety Shows Are A Must-Watch For ARMY

If you really want to get to know each member, watch them here. Warning: You might end up adoring them more!
Best BTS variety shows and where to watch them
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If there's one thing that every BTS fan knows all too well, it’s how becoming an ARMY is a rabbit hole. Some go down the music route and binge-watch all the music videos, concert recordings, and other live performances. A few begin digging up artistic concept theories and even fanfics. Others start their journey of becoming album and merch collectors. Then, there are many who simply get captivated by the seven ~Pied Pipers~ and just want to know more about them. One way to get to know BTS better is by watching all their variety shows. If you don’t know where to start, we gotchu!

From ongoing series to throwbacks, add these to your streaming list:

1. Run BTS!

Where to watch it: V Live, Weverse

It started in 2015 during the HYYH era (after the "I Need U" and "Dope" MVs and before "Run"). Since then, the boys have participated in various missions and games in this wildly entertaining show with more than 140 episodes already. It unravels their competitive side—who would think that millionaires could betray each other in hopes of winning shopping mall gift cards? Yep, expect that level of craziness plus funny challenges, zombies, arcade games, and more. Oh, and if you're wondering where Jimin's "Lachimolala" came from, it's none other than Run BTS!


2. Bangtan Bomb

Where to watch it: YouTube

Here's where you see sneak peeks of their goofy or candid sides and quirks. It's not always a full-production show (unlike Run BTS!) and instead, each of the 770+ episodes is short videos of the group. Recently, it features their MV reactions, artsy sessions, and behind-the-scenes footage during promotional shoots. They also show album unboxing videos, and here's where J-Hope sometimes makes collectors cringe by opening albums with his teeth. There are also professionally taken stage cams if you want to zoom in on each member during live performances. Bangtan Bombs are housed on the BANGTANTV YouTube channel, where you’ll also see dance practice videos and other stunning visuals.

3. Bon Voyage

Where to watch it: Weverse, V Live

For their third anniversary, BTS was rewarded with a trip to Norway, Sweden, and Finland in 2016. Since then, they've been going on trips to various picturesque places in the world and virtually taking ARMY with them. After that first trip, they went to Hawaii, Malta in Europe, and most recently New Zealand. Aside from touristy things, the boys also encounter common traveler experiences like language barriers, losing items, budget issues, and itinerary conflicts. And we also see their mischievous tendencies when they prank certain members. For instance, they hid V's luggage in season one and they left J-Hope behind at a stopover in season four. PSA: You have to pay to legally watch the entire series, but it's worth every peso, especially now that we still can't freely travel for leisure.

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4. In the SOOP

Where to watch it: Weverse

Similar to Bon Voyage, this eight-episode series transported BTS to a picturesque location. This time, since it was filmed in the middle of the pandemic, it's just in their homeland, South Korea. To be exact, they stayed at a private lake house in Gangwon-do, Chuncheon. They took part in typical outdoorsy activities and got some chill, ~healing~ time before they went back to their usual busy lives. You also need to pay if you want to watch the whole thing, but behind-the-scene clips are also available for free on Weverse. Even the teasers will make you want to pack up your bags and head to that part of South Korea right away!

Aside from these four BTS variety shows, there are older series that you'll have fun watching. They're also the perfect way for baby ARMYs to appreciate the roots of this worldwide phenomenal group:


Rookie King

Where to watch it: YouTube

This was aired in their debut year back in 2013. The show's format is to dupe other variety shows. BTS would play games or take on missions like cooking.

American Hustle Life

Where to watch it: YouTube

As mentioned, the boys love pranks—and so do their staff. In this series, they were led to believe they were heading to the U.S. for album promotions. Then, they found that they're there to train their hip-hop skills and swagger.

BTS Gayo

Where to watch it: V Live

It's similar to Rookie King and Run BTS! videos, where the activities that they do are linked to their K-pop life. The episodes are quite short (less than 20 minutes each) and cover 2015 to 2017.

And if you're familiar with Korean variety shows, you can also catch BTS in previous episodes of the following:


 Enjoy binge-watching!


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