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Here's Why We're Fans Of The Bullied Husband's Club

Are they still accepting new members?
PHOTO: Instagram/miaarcenasbranellec

During a trip to Portugal, Anne Curtis and Solenn Heussaff posted photos of them tormenting their husbands. And just like that, the #bulliedhusbandsclub was born, with Nico Bolzico and  Erwan Heussaff as "co-founders."

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Time passed and the club grew, and we got to meet the club's other members: Adrien Semblat, Arthur Burnand, and Moritz Gastl.  

We can't help but LOL at these husbands (or partners) being "bullied" by their significant others! Here's why we want in on the fun:

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They have all these hilarious "rules!" Rule #1: A happy wife is a happy life (of course).

Rule #345: Make sure you always finish a "heat up" phone conversation with an "I love you" from her; that way you end up on a positive note and the shitstorm that will hit you when you get back home will be easier to surf. This video is the perfect example of when the conversation goes wrong, and you spend the rest of the day thinking how to manage the situation when you get back home, but you already know that there is no way out and as a good man you will have to look down and accept the consequences.

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Rule #27: If she asks you to repeat what you said and, at the same time, she tells you not to be scared, you should be VERY scared; the discussion had already escalated to unthinkable levels you haven't even realized and you died four times already.

They stick up for each other through thick and thin. 

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They're still open to new (male) members. Here's Nico welcoming Wil Dasovich to the fold: 

And, OMG, there's going to be official merch?!

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