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Carly Rae Jepsen’s New Song Is An Ode To Cat Ladies All Around

Are you a cat momma? This song is for you.
PHOTO: Photo: Instagram/carlyraejepsen and Youtube/CarlyRaeMusic

“Don't give it up, don't say it hurts. 'Cause there's nothing like this feeling, baby. Now that I found you,” Carly Rae Jepsen sings on the upbeat chorus her new song “Now That I Found You.” If you didn’t see the video, you’d think it was another perky-pop love song. Well, it is. It’s just not the kind of love song you probably think it is. 

The video dropped on March 14, and we finally see the story behind Carly Rae’s new song. After finding a fluffy, adorable orange cat on a particularly rainy night, the pop singer takes it in as her own and sparks a relationship with her new kitty.

The song feels and sounds like a "Breakfast At Tiffany’s" riff. After Carly Rae finds the cat in the alley, she brings it home with her, and the song turns into an obsessive ode to the cutesy cat. Like finding a love/lover, Jepsen makes it dinners, paints it, and posts about the cat on her social (Sounds familiar, pet parents?). After she gets into a quirky cat trip, the cat goes missing, and this eventually leads to the most adorable meet-cute. 

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If this song sounds familiar, then you’re right. You probably heard it on the teaser video for the latest season of Queer Eye. Even then, we already liked the song’s danceable beat, in a Carly Rae “Call Me, Maybe” kind of way. Now that we know it’s all about pet love, well, we’re officially hooked. It’s already on loop.

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