10 Reasons Why You Should Be a Cat Person

Not a fan of feline furballs? These vids and gifs should do the converting for you!

1. They make sorting laundry a whole different level of fun.

GIF: catgifpage.com  

2. They’ve got mad ninja skills.

3. They’re intensely focused and determined, even at a young age.

4. When they take the chill pill, they really do take the chill pill. (Especially when it involves a soothing warm bath.) 

5. They know who’s boss (them), and they sure act (or sit) like it! 

6. They love to box. Not the Manny Pacquiao kind of boxing.

7. Who needs a masseuse when you have a cat? 

8. Their love-hate relationship with water is one for the books.

9. Their facial expressions convey so many emotions. Case in point:

10. What more can we say? Even Miley Cyrus approves. 

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