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Catriona Gray Got Real About Her Low Moments And Reminded Us All To 'Keep Calm And Lava Walk'

PHOTO: Instagram/catriona_gray

Catriona Gray just got real about having low moments in her latest Instagram post.

The 2018 Miss Universe talked about how she's had a challenging past few weeks, and how she's been feeling really low-spirited.

"I just wanted to write this post to share that low moments happen to all of us," Catriona wrote. 


She went on to share how she deals with such moments, and her advice is something we could all use whenever we're feeling blue.

"When I find myself feeling down and overwhelmed; where things are out of my control, it helps to remind myself that the only person I can control is myself, to count all the things I have to be grateful for and to plan and look forward to the dawn of a new day," she said.

In the end, our queen showed just how strong she is through the last few sentences of her post.

"So if you're feeling down in the dumps, you're never alone. Situations and life are tough...but so are you. #KeepCalmAndLavaWalk" The hashtag is everything! 

In February, Catriona confirmed that she's no longer in a relationship with her ex-boyfriend Clint Bondad. She also got super sentimental during the days leading to the Binibining Pilipinas 2019 grand coronation night. In July, a Thai beauty queen was bashed for calling Catriona "fat." Since then, Catriona has not directly addressed the issue but did talk about body shaming on Twitter.

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This goes to show that Catriona is just like the rest of us. We're making "Keep calm and Lava Walk" our motto, stat!

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