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OMG! Cheetos Quesadillas Now Exist

And they're *exclusively* available in the Philippines!
PHOTO: Taco Bell Philippines

Stop everything you’re doing because we need your undivided attention.

Taco Bell, a fast food godsend, just dropped the Cheetos Quesadilla, and we haven’t been able to stop sobbing at its beauty. 

Doesn’t it look immaculate?

Unfortunately, this baby’s only going to be available this Saturday, November 26, from noon until we get there and hog every single piece (oh, but also, until the store closes or until supplies last). All you gotta do is visit any Taco Bell branch, and hope we don’t get to it first. Don't forget to "whisper" your answer to this puzzle: 

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We’re 100 percent sure that the Cheetos Quesadilla is going to dominate the world of food hybrids. 

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