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10 Of *Conyo Girl* Rain Matienzo's Funniest Videos (So Far)

Remember when she impersonated Frankie and 'the chicken McDo?'
PHOTO: TWITTER/rainmatienzo

If you're on Twitter or TikTok, I'm sure you've met Rain Matienzo, the college student from the University of the Philippines who makes hilarious "Conyo Girl" videos! In an interview with Candymag, 20-year-old Rain shared that she came up with the idea of making different POVs and skits because: "I've always 'practiced' meeting my crush's parents in front of my relatives as a joke during family gatherings, one day I just thought of making it into a TikTok video and was surprised people apart from my family liked my crazy side." She adds that unlike her Conyo Girl characters, she's actually an introvert


In another interview, this time with Spin, Rain shared that some people were "annoyed" with her skits when she first started, and that's when she realized that it meant her characters were effective. "Until today I get a mix of snide and supportive comments, but at the end of the day, that's the reality of putting yourself out there. It helps to stay grounded with your passion."

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Here, we listed down 10 of Rain's cutest—and sometimes relatable—vids (so far): 

1. When she pretended to be Mayor Vico Sotto's GF

2. When she impersonated Frankie Pangilinan and her Chicken McDo spiel

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3. When she pretended to be a naive girl in a toxic AF relationship

4. When she became the super ~infuriating~ girl best friend

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5. When she attended church service and saw a cutie walk in

6. When she "hosted" Chika Minute on 24 Oras

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7. The "girl he told you not to worry about"

8. Her collab with Bhie and his iced coffee


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9. That ex-girlfriend


10. When she became the ~cool girl~ on a date (it even had a Part 2!)

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