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Cosmo Online Hunk Jose Sarasola: For Dessert

Indulge yourself--without the guilt! Like the sweet treat to cap your five-course meal, we give you our sexy chef's most 'sinful' confessions on his final week as hunk.

A five-course meal would not be complete without yummy dessert, of course! After three weeks of unveiling more of our September hottie Jose Sarasola to you, we're serving the grand finale for his stint as online hunk: his bold answers to our juiciest questions.

For your appetizer, you learned all the basic facts about our sexy mestizo chef/celebrity. Like soup and salad, he has proven that he's good for you, as he reveals a tender heart underneath that hot, ripped bod. Last week, we served you the main course by letting him talk about his past relationships and his ongoing search (yup, he's looking!) for The One.

As always, we're saving the wildest for last. As we show you the last set of photos--shot once more in his own bar, Avenue 75, which serves this yummy 'cocktail' treat called Fizzy Fruit (frozen grapes infused with vodka!) and another must-try alcoholic chocolate drink called Off The Wall--we also reveal his answers to our most daring Cosmo questions. Find out what he thinks of flings, what part of his body is extra sensitive, and which female asset he'll most probably look at first.

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How daring would you go for your showbiz career?

I’m not really a fan of being daring, but I guess [just] topless. With board shorts.

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What’s the most daring thing you’ve ever done?

I guess wear underwear on Fear Factor while doing the stunts.

What do you think of flings? Are you open to them?

Well, in the business now, I guess for the people it’s such a common thing already. But then, I choose rin. I don’t want just any girl lang basta basta. I also pick the right ones, which you know na, sige for fling, [pero] 'yun nga she’s smart also, mabait. So you can’t just pick anyone just for the heck of it.

What's your favorite part of a woman's body?

Siguro her feet.

Are you a boob guy, butt guy, or legs guy?

Hmm, probably I have to say I’m a boob guy.

Name a spot on your body that is surprisingly sensitive.

My neck and the back of my ear.

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What part of your body do you like to be touched?



Siguro my ear, kasi that’s my sensitive spot, as I said.

Do you find it hot when girls wear sexy clothes?

Not really. I don’t judge girls by what they wear.

What do you think makes you sexy?

It’s kinda hard being sexy for a chef e. Kasi parang 'kusinero.' So I guess [it's when you] get to know me more as a person, in and out, the way I think about life, people, and things. And I think [when I] spend time with the girl, whoever she is, she’ll see that I have other ways to be sexy.

What's your sexy fantasy?

Sexy fantasy, wow, um, wow. I guess, making out with a really hot girl chef probably (laughs).

Where's the wildest place you've ever had solo sex?

Hanep 'yung mga questions mo ah… Siguro not naman make-out, but then kissed siguro at a parang forest yata in Antipolo. Pero kissing lang, hindi naman all the way. Napaka-hard core naman n'un.

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Have you ever done it in the kitchen or dining room?

Nah, I haven’t done it (laughs) but it’ll be cool, though, being a chef, being in the kitchen, daming gamit dun e. Pero not yet.

Do you want it “wild” or “sweet” in bed?

Sweet would be best for me.

What authority figure (whether real or fantasized) do you find totally hot?

Siguro wala naman. Siguro not really naman na tipong fantasy, real people, like in the States, like I really find Kim Kardashian and Megan Fox hot. Not really fantasy people, real people.

If you were to bring a girl on a trip out of town, where would you take her?

Maybe some hidden restaurant in a hidden area. I’m not really a fan of going on dates on beaches and well-known places. I’m not naman saying I’m shy or hiding it. But then, I’d rather go to places na parang she’s never been before or seen it.

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What quality do you have that you think women would fall for?

I guess ever since I was a kid, being an only child, I was raised by my dad to be a gentleman. I went to Southridge also, it’s a school for boys in Alabang, and they always taught us to be a gentleman; like to treat women with respect, never hit women. So I think that’s one trait that girls, I hope, know about me: that I’m a gentleman talaga.

Shot on location at Jose Sarasola's bar, Avenue 75 Sports Bar, 75 Aguirre corner Gonzales Streets, BF Homes Phase 2, Paranaque

Styling by Kabbie Rodriguez

Grooming by Cats del Rosario
With reports from Trixie Reyna
Special thanks to Mhon Lures and Jose's mom for their assistance