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Cosmo Online Hunk Mark Alejandro: Model Student

In the month of fashion and all things sexy in Cosmo, we wanted to feature a gorgeous hunk who looks smashing in any outfit--and oozes with undeniable sex appeal! Meet the stud who will make you swoon in November.

The first week of November is normally still sembreak for many college Cosmo chicks out there, so we wanted to make this time of the month extra special for you--not only to make your vacation even more fun, but also to ease you into a new semester soon: On his first week as our November 2011 Cosmo Online Hunk, we're turning 2011 Cosmo Bachelor and model Mark Alejandro into the hot blockmate you wish you had!

Back in Norway, this Filipino-Norwegian hottie probably was a true-blue campus heartthrob, but he's quick to deny it when we asked. "No, I wouldn't say that. I was more like a shy, funny guy. I was more like a funny guy in class. But I wasn't really interesting to girls, not like that," he humbly tells us. We totally don't get why, but we're quite sure if you bumped into Mark in campus now, your heart would skip a beat!

It's not such a far-fetched idea, since this guy seems to enjoy studying a lot: He studied Philosophy in a university in Oslo, in Norway, then pursued another degree, this time bachelor and honors in film and television, in Limkokwing University in Malaysia. Plus, he took a diploma course in Filipino in De La Salle University! "I have two degrees and one diploma," he says. We can only wonder what course he'll take up next--and which school!

We may have said a lot about Mark already, but there's a lot more interesting stuff to know about this model-student when you read his interview below. Don't forget to check out his first batch of super cute college-inspired photos!

What made you want to leave Norway and stay in the Philippines?

My mom, of course, that's why. (Ed's note: Mark's mom is from Cebu. He can actually speak Bisaya! Watch for it in the behind-the-scenes video!)

What do you hope to do while you're here?

I hope to learn more about the Filipino culture, get to know more about the people, not to mention eat a lot of Filipino food. Yeah, sinigang na baboy or whatever (laughs).

What do you love most about the Filipino culture?

The people. People are friendly, easy-going, very warm.

What do you love most about school?

In my course, we were out a lot, we were doing a lot of filming, so I love doing that. I love making films. Short films, we did a lot of that.

How was school like for you?

School was fun. School was great. I loved prom. I was the prince at the prom.

Did you get a lot of attention from girls?

I dunno, I didn't do much really. If I liked a girl, I would just talk to her, I would just smile. Maybe I wouldn't talk to her right away, maybe I would give it a couple of days, a week, you know, like that. And eventually I would talk to her.

If you weren't in modeling now, what do you think you'd be doing?

I would be working in TV for sure. Maybe editing or producing.

Here in the Philippines?

Either here or in Norway.

Which do you prefer to do more in the future: acting or modeling?

I dunno, I'll take it as it comes. I have certain plans, but in general I take it as it comes, I go with the flow.

What are your hobbies and interests?

I do a lot of sports. I swim, play tennis, all kinds of ball sports.

Do you have any special skills or talents?

I'm a good karaoke singer! (Laughs.) I get a 98 score every time. Just kidding. (Laughs.)

What interests do you think your girl should share with you?

She just needs to be spontaneous. Just grab me and say, "Come let's do this." I like surprises.

What conversation topics do you love on dates?

Arts, yeah. Film and arts.

What's the naughtiest thing you've ever done?

It was in school. Must've been in prom night. I liked this girl back then, I didn't really speak with her, she went to a different class. And on that night, I just stepped up to her and said hi, and just kissed her. She kissed me back, so it was fine.

Was she your prom date?

No, she wasn't my prom date. We don't have prom dates in Norway. You go by yourself, you go with your guy friends, your classmates.

Have you ever made out in school?

Yeah, that would be the prom night, because we had it in school, we had it in the gym.

What dating tips can you share with our college readers?

Just be yourself, be relaxed, don't be so stressed, tensed. Just be cool.

Are you single?

I'm single, yeah. Single but dating, meeting people.

Are you looking for a relationship right now?

Um, it will happen when it happens. I'm not purposely looking for it.

Outfit: Shirt, Folded and Hung. Jeans, GAS. Shoes, Forever 21 Men.

Shot on location in Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna. Special thanks to Ayala Land.

Sittings editor: Trixie Reyna
Makeup: Christine Rojas Lavina using Becca
Stylist: Camille Santiago
Assisted by Jico Joson
Intern: Darylle Mon-Alon

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