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Cosmo Online Hunk Marvin Kiefer: Sizzling Castaway

This Survivor Philippines hottie will make your fave season the most amazing ever, as he wows you on his turn as featured Cosmo hunk.

The heat is on this month in Cosmo as we welcome an exciting summer season and another online hunk that will make the temperature rise even higher. As we introduce this month’s Online Hunk,  Marvin Kiefer, be sure to have a cold drink by your side as you click through his galleries, revealing him looking hotter and hotter each week.

We're quite sure you fell in love with Marvin first in GMA-7’s Survivor Philippines Palau, where he was dubbed the “Ultimate Crush.”  You might have also recognized that sexy curly hair and piercing eyes at the Cosmo Bachelor Bash last year, where he walked the ramp along with fellow Survivor Philippines hunks. You might have also noticed him on the billboards along EDSA for the denim brand BUM Equipment. Marvin has been getting our attention all this time for his charming, innocent looks, and now we've finally made him Cosmo Online Hunk.

At 20, Marvin has gotten the hang of juggling careers as an actor, model, and athlete. This Cosmo hunk is constantly seeking adventure; he's tried practically every extreme sport there is! He also manages his own gym with his brother.

Get to know this Swiss-Filipino hunk all four weeks of March, beginning this week. Feast your eyes on his first batch of photos that will leave you daydreaming you were stranded in an island with him.

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What were you doing before joining Survivor Philippines?

Before Survivor I did a lot of modeling. For two years basically. I went to Manila to work as a model.

How was life after Survivor Philippines?

Life is different after Survivor (laughs). Basically, there are a lot more things to do and a lot of diversity in what I do. Because I learned, in TV, that you do a lot of things. I’ve made bagoong, I’ve swam in Manila Bay, I’ve done a lot of things--dragon ball, downhill bike, go here, go there. It’s very, very diverse.

How do you handle fame?

Well, I think it changes from day to day 'cause I’m new, I’ve only been here a year. I learn and I adapt. In the beginning, it was crazy because the hype of the show, Survivor, was really, really big. So everywhere I go, people would literally run after me (laughs). But now, the hype is down and people know me and say "hi" everywhere. So, I can generally handle it. I just try to stay happy. Before I would hide, but now I don’t care, I can handle it. So I can walk anywhere I want.

Do you have any current shows or projects?

My current show now is Show Me The Manny. It’s my only regular show, but I have a lot of guestings around, and I do a lot of events and still some modeling.

What do you do in Show Me The Manny?

Show Me The Manny is a sitcom starring Manny Pacquiao, Marian Rivera, Paolo Contis, and Benjie Paras. What do I do? I’m basically a waiter for Marian Rivera and John Lapus. I serve drinks and food; I mean, it’s a cafe, not a bar. I talk and I do comedy with them. I’m basically an angry waiter, a very frustrated waiter.

How do you feel now that you’re posing for Cosmo?

(Laughs.) How do I feel now? I think it’s a job, just like any other job. I’m basically topless 90% of the time in my jobs anyway. From Show Me The Manny, I don’t wear a shirt, I wear an apron, but I don’t wear a shirt. Most of the time, for most of my shoots, for other guestings ‘cause it’s usually sports-related, I don’t wear a shirt or sando. A lot of the shoots, pictorials I do are also topless, so I’m kinda used to it.

How did you prepare for this shoot?

I didn’t really prepare for this shoot (laughs). But I knew about it and I came from a long break, so what I did was I just went back to the gym, and I did some mixed martial arts training. I went wakeboarding a few days before this. But I just really do that on a regular basis, so I wasn’t really prepared for this (laughs).

What are your hobbies?

Sports. And when I say sports, extreme sports. I do longboarding, I do skateboarding, I do skim boarding, I do downhill bike, I’ve tried surfing, I want to get into more of surfing, I mountain climb, I do river rafting quite often, cliff jumping, wakeboarding, whatever’s out there. And, and, and I’m into power lifting and martial arts because I own a gym.

How do you maintain your body?

Through my sports, definitely. I go to the gym for power lifting. I mean, I’m not a power lifter in competition, but I do power lifting exercises to build up my strength and my conditioning. But everything else, my cardio and everything, I do that to apply [them to] my sports, ‘cause it’s very useful. Power lifting, I can use it in my MMA--my kicks get stronger, my punch gets stronger, I can lift heavier. And you know, I used to play football back home. I still play soccer sometimes when I can. Everything basically, it’s mixed up together. And that’s my fitness.

Were you part of any varsity team?

Back in high school and grade school, I was varsity in different teams. In grade school I was varsity in table tennis, track, basketball, volleyball, lawn tennis, and ping pong. And in high school, I dropped all my other sports to focus on soccer, football, which I never had in my previous school. So, that’s my one varsity in high school.

Do you have any special talents?

I think my special talent is that, sports, and adapting really fast to new things. You teach me something once, I won’t forget it. 'Yun, I think my special skill is learning new things.

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