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Cosmo Online Hunk Marvin Kiefer: Your Hot Summer Fling

If you ever had a summer fling with this guy, we're quite sure it's one you'll remember forever. Find out if he's ever had one for real!

Most flings are, like seasons, short-term and ever-changing--they work out, say, in summer and end almost right before the next season begins. But, what if the hot hook-up you have with that sweet, gorgeous guy feels to you like so much more? Why end a fling when there's a possibility you can spend more than just one summer with him...right? At least, that's what Cosmo Online Hunk Marvin Kiefer thinks: flings can turn into something long term, given the chance.

On this charming Survivor Philippines castaway's second week as Cosmo hunk for March, you’ll understand men more as we ask him about things that make him tick. Just like our other Online Hunks, Marvin now shares the qualities he looks for in a girl, what qualities about women he finds attractive, and, just for the season, what he thinks of summer flings. Don't forget to click through our heart-stopping second batch of photos!

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Describe your ideal girl.

I don’t really know. I think it’s just, I like a girl who’s passionate about something. Whether she's a good girl, who’s in school, studying, an honor student; or a rocker chick who’s into music. I just want a girl who is passionate about something.

What about women do you find attractive, physically?

I think it’s the way she carries herself. There’s a lot of beautiful girls, and you know I work around a lot of actresses and they’re all beautiful. So, I look for something else, I look for the edge, I look for something that’s different within them, something that makes them special--about the way they walk, about the way they look at people, about the way they carry themselves. So, aside from a pretty face and a nice body, I look for a good personality.

How do you get a girl’s attention?

(Laughs). Well, there’re many ways. I think it depends on the situation. But, when I find a girl attractive, I usually approach the girl myself and talk to her, introduce myself.

Have you ever used pick-up lines?

No, I have never used pick-up lines (laughs).

On the other hand, how can a girl catch your attention?

It depends on the situation, once again. But I think the basic way is to look at me (laughs) you know. And probably [for me to] catch you looking at me (laughs). Then you caught my attention.

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Have you ever had a summer fling?

Yeah, kind of. Not necessarily summer. Generally around summer, right before summer, and right after (laughs).

How did it go?

It didn’t, you know... [It was] good. It’s a fling, I mean, it’s just because of the good weather, you know, [that] you get to that mood. But, yeah, generally it went well.

Do you think summer flings could turn into something long term?

Definitely. I think every relationship starts as a fling, starts as a thing. But it depends on the two of you if you click, if you work out. You only know once you actually start hanging out, once you [start] being together. So the only way to find out if a fling can turn into a relationship is to...research.

Do you find girls in swimwear attractive?

What guy does not find a girl in swimwear attractive? Of course, it’s the same with girls seeing guys topless. So yeah, definitely.

But, you also know that not all women think they're attractive in swimwear. So, what tips can you share with Cosmo girls to help them become more confident about wearing a bikini?

Well, make sure you work out before you go to the beach, or just work out all year round--you don’t have to necessarily just work out [before you] go to the beach. Generally I feel more confident when I’m in top shape. I think that’s a great tip as a confidence booster. And, learn more about yourself, learn more about the world. The more you know about things, I guess, [the more] you know yourself.

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