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Cosmo Online Hunk Marvin Kiefer: Your Summer Fantasy

This may be our first summer hunk's final week, but we sure saved the best (and sexiest) questions for last.

With beach trips all lined up, we can't help but fantasize about sizzling trysts by the shore. What's your summer fantasy? Does it involve hooking up with a stranger who looks very much like March Cosmo Online Hunk Marvin Kiefer for just one night you never will forget? Tell us!

In return, we're providing you with sizzling visuals for a bright and glorious morning after. After all, this half-Filipino GMA-7 hottie believes a one night stand can be meaningful and can lead to something real--and not just a fleeting summer fantasy.

Learn other sexy facts about our first summer hottie and click through his fourth gallery of steamy photos. Watch for Marvin's behind-the-scenes video in CosmoTV next Wednesday--and watch for our second sizzling online hunk in April, coming your way soon!

What’s your stand on one night stands?

There’re so many circumstances on what a one night stand could be. It could be two travelers meeting in some vacation spot, one is from England, the other one is from South America, so they only meet that one night, and they share something special. It’s just that due to circumstances, they can’t be together more than one night. Or, it could just be like a drunk guy and a drunk girl in a bar, and they do something in the hotel. I think generally, my stand on that is, if it’s sincere, if it’s real, you know it’s not just something you do to use the person.

Have you had a one night stand?

I’ve actually never had a one night stand. Believe it or not (laughs).

Would you be open to one?

Like I said, it depends, if I feel something special for the girl, but usually I let it build up.

How about long distance relationships--do you think they can work?

I generally tell people that long distance relationships don’t work, just because of the fact that you don’t see each other in person, you don’t get to at least hug or look each other in the eye. Instead, it's through a webcam or through a picture. So, it’s very hard. I guess it depends on how long the long distance relationship is, if she’s gone for six months or she’s gone for three months or she’s gone for two years, then you know, how is it [going to be], ‘cause she's around a whole different world, I’m around in a whole different world, if we’re in a long distance relationship. So I generally say no to long distance relationships.

What are your sexual fantasies?

I guess locations in nature. 'Yun, locations where you can possibly get caught.

And what turns you on?

The look, when the girl gives you a look. Or the way she walks, like, I guess the only way to say it is “swagger." The girl has to have a swagger, she has to have an attitude, and that turns me on.

How will you seduce a woman?

Well, there are many ways (laughs). But no, I guess I’d talk to her, use my knowledge with what I have, and just try to charm my way in.

How can a woman seduce you?

Yun, she can use her charm, too. I’ve [seen] funny ways of women trying to seduce me.

Can you name one of them?

Like, you know, using a friend to tell me something like that, like using a friend instead of telling me personally, even though she’s right there. And sometimes, it works.

Where do you want to be kissed or touched?

For some reason I really like it when I’m sitting down, even if I’m talking with friends, you know, or whatever, doing something, sitting down. The girl comes from behind, and just like, hugs me or just puts her hands on top of my shoulders. Great feeling, I don’t know why.

What’s the sexiest part of your body?

My hair (laughs). There’s no other hair like it.

What are your plans for this summer?

My plan this summer is to travel, as much as humanly possible (laughs).

Where to? The beach?

Anywhere, you know. I actually travel as much as I can. I’ve traveled two weeks ago, two weeks from now, and my trips are long--10 days, two weeks. Generally, this summer it’s good to go to the beach because it’s hot, really, really hot, and you want to take a dip to cool down, so hit the beach. I’m sure a trip to Boracay would be in there somewhere and a trip to Puerto. And hopefully, I think I’m going to Cebu, trying to go out of the city also and into the main areas. I’m trying to go to the mountains, explore some tribe that I haven’t explored yet.

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