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Cosmo Online Hunk Nico Ibaviosa: Smooth Ladies' Man

How is our sweet-faced showbiz sweetheart around women? Let him sweep you off your feet this week, with his sexy answers and sizzling shower photos!

You know how it is in the Cosmo Online Hunk section: as the weeks progress, so do the boldness of our Cosmo questions and of the photos of our featured hottie. In the last two weeks, we saw young showbiz cutie Nico Ibaviosa as an active student-athlete-slash-actor and as a reluctant Cassanova, given his current coupled-up status (but he still indulged us by answering our questions about how he sees women). Of course, in those two weeks, you've seen his hot swimmer bod all laid out for you, first in a Jacuzzi and then in that very private bathroom.

This week will prove to be a bigger treat, as we show you pics of Nico in the shower. He also talks to Cosmo about courtship, dating, and romance--all those stuff you're kilig about. While he may be in a relationship, he can still be your friend! This sweet TV5 actor shares that he’s just like any other person whom you can approach and say hi to anytime. Before you do, get to know him more in the third part of his daring interview.

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Are you bold and daring or shy when it comes to approaching women?

People would think that I am straightforward, but then, I’m actually really shy when it comes to approaching women. It’s been a really long time since I’ve approached a girl. And honestly, I don’t remember how, so I guess I’m gonna be the shy type.

Would you make a move on a girl you spotted in a bar? Would you ask her out?

I’d make a move probably, but subtly. I’m not really the type of guy to approach [girls], but then, I’d flash her a smile here and there, send her a drink perhaps. Kung kumagat, I’ll just take it from there.

How do you show a girl that you like her?

Well, mabiro kasi akong tao. So I guess, through more than half-meant jokes.

What would make you commit to a girl?

Well, if I see that the girl is really worth it. It’s hard to explain, really. For me, if the girl is like quality talaga and you know... Sometimes there’s just that gut feel for a guy, na parang "this girl is worth it." That would make me commit to her.

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Do you use pick up lines?

Well, no.

How do you court a girl?

I prefer to start relationships with a friendship, a really good friendship. So I guess that’s how I started my relationship. I want to be like good friends first before you take it anywhere.

Are you romantic? How?

Well, I guess, I’d always want to, like, buy stuff for my girlfriend, so in that sense, sweet, parang ganun.

Are you ma-PDA?

Well, not so much.

Describe your ideal date scenario.

It would probably be somewhere up high, like in Tagaytay or Baguio. And it would be like, at night, just looking down on the city and up at the stars, something like that. It’s mushy but, it’s sweet kaya (laughs).

You're an artista--therefore unreachable to some. What can a regular chick do to catch your attention?

Just say hi! Tao rin naman ako. If you see me walking down the street, just say doo a dee dee dee (sings). No, just say hi, that’s all. I’ll say hi back.

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