Cosmo Online Hunk Paul Jake Castillo: Spilling The Dirty Details

On his final week as our January hottie, the ABS-CBN star talks about seduction, one-night stands, cougars, and indecent proposals.

For the past three weeks, we asked our Online Hunk Paul Jake Castillo about his life before and after Pinoy Big Brother, his preference in girls, and his take on relationships and breakups. But, admit it, you'd want to read more about the juicier stuff, right? So, this time, over coffee and a few drinks, we prodded him a little to tell us about his views on sex and other naughty stuff. The final week's set of photos complements the last leg of our interview--be sure to check it out.

What makes a woman hot?

Ako, honestly, what makes a woman hot for me... well, aside from the physical attraction, 'yung ano... I like... 'yung butt. I'm a butt kind of person kasi. And 'yung curves niya.

What makes you hot?

Whew. I don't know. Not caring? (Laughs.) I don't know what makes me hot. Shoulders ko, I want to develop my shoulders kasi they say I have broad shoulders and parang nakita ko rin na I have broad shoulders and I want [them] to be broader. I wanna develop it. And 'yung abs 'di ba? Ang hirap tanggalin ng beer belly!

Have you ever receive any indecent proposals?

Before PBB started, sabi nila, "'Yung mga bakla dun, [gustong] mag-offer sa'yo maging sugar daddy, sugar mommy. Ang dami na 'yan, ang dami nang offer nu'n." Sabi ko, "E, tingnan natin, hintayin natin." So far wala pa naman e. I'm waiting nga [kung] paano nila i-offer sa 'kin! (Laughs.) I just wanna know. May 50,000 [pesos], car, condo [raw]. Wala pa naman. Pero it's funny, 'di ba, 'pag ma-experience mo 'yun?

What's the surefire way to seduce you?

Get me to enjoy the company. 'Yun. Siyempre naman kailangan [din] sexy ka, maganda, and everything 'di ba? That comes always first, 'di ba? (Laughs.) Kailangan attracted ako.

What do you think is the most appropriate time or stage in a relationship to have sex?

I don't believe in [saving] the virginity and sex [until] after marriage. I don't believe in that. That actually is just up to you when you have that intimate feeling between each other. 'Pag you trust that person enough na. When you know him enough and feeling mo na [the relationship] is true.

Do you think it's really possible to separate emotions from sex?

Yes, that's why there are one-night stands.

Are you okay with one-night stands?

No, no. 'Pag may mga babae na we meet outside, sa mga clubs, mga bar, mga restaurant, mga ganun, that's only good for fun lang na talking-talking, 'yung mga ganun lang. Kilig-kilig, 'yung mga ganun. You know, just teasing your inner... something. (Makes a tickling gesture with his fingers.) You tickle it. 'Di ba? It's nice naman to talk to someone you don't know.

Do you let it stop there?


Shot on location at Beurre Blanc restaurant in Newport Mall, Resorts World.
Special thanks to Tinay Magtira and Karen Sta. Maria of Megaworld.

Stylist: Kabbie Rodriguez
Makeup: Telay Robles
Sittings Editor: Trixie Reyna
Special thanks to Allan Altera

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