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Cosmo Online Hunk Renzie Ongkiko: On His Back

On his final week as our featured hunk, the moreno hottie lies on his back so you could see his yummy abs in all its toned we decode male body language.

When Cosmo asked what part of his body he is most proud of, Renzie Ongkiko answered, "I worked hard for my abs so I’m proud of it." We were not at all surprised. Just look at these untouched photos of our August hunk and you'll understand why this 2010 Century Tuna Superbods winner loves this particular asset--as we're sure you do, too.

But we won't stop with just photos of his abs. As we have done in the past couple of weeks, we've asked Renzie not just to show off his body to us, but also to help us illustrate certain male body language that we are decoding for you. So far you know that while spooners may be crazy about you, they're a bit possessive, and those who sleep facedown are supposedly quite a catch, if not for their being slightly controlling.

This week, we asked Renzie to lie on his back, to help illustrate more male behavior in bed. According to Cosmopolitan's Body Language Decoder, if a guy rolls away or onto his back postbooty, in effect rotating his body 90 degrees from you, he doubles "the space between you. So he's cutting himself off from you and creating distance, both physically and emotionally. Extend a new bedmate some slack, though--he may just not know how to give you the closeness you desire."

And if he strokes his stomach as he lies on his back? "A midriff massager craves the spotlight and needs steady verbal reminders of what an absolute catch you think he is. However, when it comes to throwing fond feelings your way, this tongue-tied cutie is much more action than words. But if you want him to shower you with the affection he's capable of, you'll have to stroke his ego as often as he strokes himself," according to Cosmo's Decoder.

You already know he's a spooner, but find out how Renzie demonstrates his affection for a girl, among other truly personal matters this sweetie divulged in his final interview.

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Q: So what in particular do you look for in a girl?
A: I don’t really set standards but, for me, an athletic girl would be ideal--a girl who is outgoing, very spontaneous, who is fit, who lives a healthy lifestyle. Someone I can jive with, someone whom I can do things with, like what I do everyday, that type of girl.

Q: Do you prefer quiet girls or talkative ones?
A: The ones who are outgoing, those who can express themselves, you know? Ones that won’t just allow other people to step on their opinions. One who is outspoken.

Q: So you prefer aggressive girls over mahinhin ones?
A: Yeah. They give you more challenge.

Q: So you like daring women?
A: That can be, but daring in a good way, because some girls are daring but not in such a good way, like they’re too liberated and I’m just not into that. Daring in cases that she goes out of her comfort zone to achieve what she wants. Daring in a sense that she’s gonna be all out in the things that she wants in life. That type of daring. And, when you’re her boyfriend, she tends to be experimental. That kind of daring.

Q: How about when it comes to clothes--when she wears revealing clothes--do you mind that?
A: I don’t mind, as long as she expresses what she feels in what she wears, then it’s fine with me.

Q: What outfit do you like seeing on girls?
A: I want a girl to look sexy in just a simple white shirt, jeans, and sneakers. I'll find her really hot.

Q: What part of a girl’s body do you find the sexiest?
A: Oh, this one I love: Their dimples at their lower back, just a little bit on top of their butt and a little bit lower down their lower back. It’s really sexy for me. The two dimples right there. It’s like, though the face is not smiling at me, something else is smiling at me.

Q: Which one are you: a boob guy, a legs guy, or a butt guy?
A: I’m gonna say that I’m a butt guy. A butt guy certainly, because that one, it’s not too revealing, you know? Boobs are just out there, [but] that one puts more challenge to you, to a guy, to discover that. Some girls wear low necklines but with the butt, there’s no…no low whatever at the back that you can just see out of the blue. So I think the butt gives more challenge.

Q: Would you call yourself a romantic?
A: Yeah, I guess I am. Sometimes I’m cheesy. I hate that side of me.

Q: How do you demonstrate that?
A: With flowerly words.

Q: Are you ma-PDA (public display of affection)?
A: Sometimes when I get carried away, yeah, I admit.

Q: Are you the type of guy who’s comfortable in saying “I love you” or something that would take a lot of emotion to say?
A: I think yeah. I think when I feel it, it’s easy for me to express it. But when I don’t, it's hard for me to lie about it.

Q: Describe your idea of the most romantic date.
A: The most romantic date for me is unplanned; random but perfect. Sometimes the best plan is no plan at all--when you don’t really plan and you just go where your feet take you and everything is perfect. Like on a date for example, you have nowhere to go and then all of a sudden you guys thought, “How about if we just go to your place to save money? And I’ll cook, you prepare something, or we’ll cook together.” And then everything turned out perfect. You did like a candlelight dinner. It was really sweet. It ended up perfectly.

Shot on location at Casa Ibiza in Antipolo. Special thanks to Fitz Pabalan.
Styling by Liz Anne Bautista
Grooming by Sam Unson-Gallardo

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