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Cosmo Online Hunk Steven Silva: Cool Jock

Let's probe deeper into the student life of this chinito Starstruck V cutie, as we talk to him about his favorite sports, hobbies--and his competitive nature. Hot.
Last week, Cosmo turned him into the silent, studious cute campus nerd who participates and pays attention in class and hangs out in the library--especially for college Cosmo chicks needing a little inspiration in school. This week, we're turning the chinito Starstruck V crush ng bayan Steven Silva, our featured hunk for June, into a cool jock who goes to school to play sports, engage in extra-curricular activities--or who sometimes skips school altogether.

The Starstruck V Ultimate Male Survivor's schedule is now more hectic than ever (thanks to rehearsals for his regular stint in GMA-7's Sunday variety show Party Pilipinas and a new show coming up with Ultimate Female Survivor Sarah Lahbati). But Steven has been used to keeping his day full since he was a student, as he played sports and joined organizations, too, back in college. Read on to know what sport this lean stud plays, which organizations he joined, what he does after class, what he would be doing if Starstruck didn't happen, and whether he's as competitive as typical jocks are known to be. Then click through another set of kilig-inducing photos of this part-Filipino, part-Chinese, and half-Portugese cutie from Davao.

Did you play a sport back in school?

Yeah, I did. In high school, I played for the soccer team. Sayang, kasi sa college, we didn't have a soccer team, but I still played with my friends. That's why I say, make friends in college, 'cause I made these friends from all around the world and we ended up making our own soccer team. It was really cool because on the team we had guys from Korea, Mexico, Japan, Vietnam, the States...our team was really international. We had a name for ourselves. We were the UNFC, the United Nations Football Club. We were really international, kahit walang soccer team sa college, we still had our team. It was really fun; every Tuesday and Thursday we'd get together and play.

How about organizations and extracurricular activities, did you have any?
In culinary school, I was part of a couple of clubs. I was part of the Ice Sculpture Club. We learned basic stuff and I helped them when we have events, like last year [when we had] the Earth Hour. In San Francisco, we had a big 10x10 block of ice and we ended up carving it into a globe, like the earth. We carved it into a circle and the chef shaped out the countries, and the message was like, since Earth Hour is [for creating awareness] about global warming, we let the earth kind of melt. It kind of symbolizes how the earth is slowly getting hotter, like the ice caps are melting. So it's kind of cool.

What were your hobbies? And which of them do you still have now?
It includes playing sports like soccer. Pero you know, dito sa Pilipinas, it's hard kasi everyone's into basketball. And I'm really not good in basketball. I'm okay in soccer but basketball is so hard. My shot is so horrible. Pangit ng shot ko. I'm definitely not a three-point shooter.

Also, in the States, I like to ride motorcycles, but I couldn't bring my motorcycle here. But I sold it to a friend before I left because I needed the money. [As I always say,] save your money! I was able to save some money back in college and I bought a motorcycle. It helps because the motorcycle uses less gas. You should always save your money for emergencies.

Another hobby I had was cooking, obviously. Sayang, though, kasi now I don't have much time to cook, being in Starstruck and everything. But I'm hoping, if I have time, I can start [again].

Is there any competition among you and the Starstruck boys?

For me, Starstruck is finished, that was the competition. Right now, it depends on [us]. Kasi it's me, Rocco, and Enzo. It depends on Rocco to do what he can do; it depends on Enzo to do what he can do; and of course it depends on me, too. I would admit, before, I really thought it was competition. Like, if somebody did something, like if Rocco had a pictorial or something, parang I get jealous; and [I] get sad, so [I] lose focus. So [now] I'm just trying to do what I do, if that makes sense. I'm trying to focus on what I can do. Kasi I'm really so happy to be where I am. I wasn't expecting all this, so I'm just gonna keep on trying to do what I can do. It's not really a competition anymore; it's more like, leave your mark.

Are you competitive as a person?

I am. I hate losing. My friends would tell you that. [When] we play sports or games or anything, oh, I hate to lose. And if I lose? Aww, you shouldn't be around me because I bring the mood down.

How about as a student, were you competitive?

I wouldn't say competitive really, but as a student, I felt like I needed to do well. And if I did bad, I'd feel really disappointed. I really want to make my parents proud in school, so if I did bad in classes and stuff, parang [I] feel really shameful to show [my] parents. I remember one time, man, can't believe I'm telling you guys, let's just say I got some bad marks in school. And you know, I felt so bad and when I showed it to my parents, I actually cried. Kind of like I let them down, like I didn't do well enough. So I wouldn't say in school I’m competitive; it's more like, for me, I wanted to do really well for them. [It was] not like [I was] competitive with other students; more like for my parents. My mom and dad have done a lot for me and my sister, so I try to be a good kid for them.

If you didn't pursue showbiz, what would you be doing right now?

If I weren’t in showbiz, I would be working in a hotel or a restaurant in the kitchen. Kasi before, that's what I was doing. Before Starstruck, before any of this, my first reason to come to the Philippines was to do my OJT in a hotel, in the Marco Polo Hotel in Davao City. And after that, this whole Starstruck thing happened, so...

Would you want to go back and be a chef one day?
I think about it sometimes, kasi alam ko talaga sa showbiz, it's not really permanent. Maybe one day you're popular, the next day parang wala na. So, I've been thinking about it sometimes like, you know, later on, maybe not [be] a chef, but maybe [I can] open up a restaurant, my future plans. Maybe I should save up some money for later on.

What do you do during your free time?
I play video games. I love to read. Sayang kasi minsan na lang, wala nang oras. I don't even have time to read sometimes! Sometimes the only time I can read is when I go to bed. What I do is, I get ready for bed, make sure all things are set up, then I read for like ten, 15 minutes, and then I go to sleep. Usually that's what I do now.

What do you wear when you sleep?
Well, if it's really hot, I just wear my underwear...sometimes. But usually I just wear shorts and a sando, usually just typical clothes.

Where do you usually hang out during your free time?
During my free time, you'll see me at my friend's house, in my house, or at the gym. I need to go to the gym these days. That's another thing, being in showbiz. One thing in general [about] showbiz [is how] it's always nice to have a good body to be confident, and for your own well-being. When you take care of your body, it makes everything else a little easier. When you're in good shape, you can handle a hard schedule better. Parang you can also handle hardships that come your way because you're healthy. That's part of it.

Have you been popular with the girls ever since?
No. Kasi before, I was really, really quiet. Tapos I was kinda fatter back then. I looked really different. I don't know, I guess I was also kind of nerdy a little bit. So, I don't think I was really popular with the girls, but that was okay, you know, that was fun.

Really? You were nerdy?
Oh man, I was a little nerdy. That would be my class--a little nerdy.

But did you ever cut class?
A couple of times (smiles). For good reasons...and bad reasons (laughs).

All clothes from SM Department Store.

Shot on location at The Venice Piazza at McKinley Hill, The Fort. Special thanks to Tinay Magtira and Karen Sta. Maria.

Grooming by Cats del Rosario
Styling by Liz Anne Bautista

Assisted by Mica Yu
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