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Cosmo Online Hunk Steven Silva: Cute Kabarkada

Ever had a secret crush on a male college buddy? We bet if our June hunk was in your group, he would be that guy. Reminisce as he plays the part this week.
Before he had throngs of girls swooning over his chinito good looks and way before he started dancing and singing on television as one of the finalists and eventually the Ultimate Male Survivor of GMA-7's Starstruck V, Steven Silva was a regular college dude. He had a barkada, he had to grapple with school work, and he certainly has been to some wild college parties (read on to find out what he did then!).

Even if those days seem to be so long ago and so far away (he studied in the Bay Area in the United States), the 23-year-old fondly recalls his college years like they were just yesterday. In the last couple of weeks, you got to know more about Steven's student life and extra-curricular activities, pre-Starstruck days. Now, the Party Pilipinas regular animatedly tells Cosmo (over yummy dishes at Carlo's Pizza) about this daily routine, his friends, even the exhilarating (and sometimes embarrassing) things that happened to him when he was still a student.

Tell us something about your life before showbiz, back in the US.
My life, I can say, compared to now, it was a little boring. But I was content with my life before, I was going to culinary school, not a regular school. I was living in the Bay Area. So everyday, my classes start at 7AM. I have to take a train to school, a 30-minute ride. I go to school until like 12 or so, go back, maybe study. Sometimes my studying includes making food, like if I have a test coming up and I have to review. Sometimes I would go to the store, buy ingredients, and then practice. Of course, my roommates loved that because when I do homework, they're sitting and watching me, and are like, "Hey, is your homework done?" "No, it's not done yet." [And later,] "Okay, try my homework." [They'd say] "Yeah, its good. Maybe you should make it again." I guess it's kind of cool because one of my friends is going to art school, I was going to culinary school. We were all doing different things so it was kinda cool.

Wait, roommates? So you were living away from home then?

Yeah I was living away from home when I was going to culinary school. I was with my three best friends: Jeff, Paul, and Kyle! What's up, guys?

So what's your favorite food to cook?
Oh, I love making risotto. Risotto is fun. I don’t know why. One of my chefs told me you can't leave it when you're cooking. If you leave it behind, it's going to burn, or it's going to dry up, and you have to keep putting broth in it or stock. When you make risotto and you make it good. You know that they took care of it and they put the love into it. It's another one of those comfort foods. It doesn’t take a lot but it's really good. It's like eating rice, but really, really flavorful.

What's your favorite food to eat?
Ay, madami. I like to eat. That's the problem, I like to eat. There's a lot of different food I like to eat. But okay, let's see if I can pick a favorite. Right now there's two in my head: steak and hamburgers. I have to say hamburgers. Not because I'm American, but part of my childhood I guess is eating hamburgers with my dad and stuff. That is so American (laughs). The Americano likes hamburgers. Well, I guess it's one my favorite foods. It's simple. It's something that you just put together and eat. It's great. It's comfort food. I feel comfortable.

And what's your favorite Filipino food?
I guess I'll say...kiniliaw. I like sushi, and kinilaw's the raw tuna. When I had it in Davao, it's really good. I guess the fish there is really fresh because it's near the sea, so they have the markets there with the fish. It's really fresh, you can really taste. I've tried it in other places and it's really not the same. That's not all but that's one of my favorites.

Now let's go back to your life as a student. Where did you usually study?
For me, I like studying by myself. I don't know why, but I can't really study in the library. For me, parang everything's distracting. If I study, I really like to study at the house by myself, that's where I feel like I can really do work. If I study in the library, I'd stay in a corner by myself. I really need silence so I can focus.

What tips do you have for surviving college?
Save your money! That's one thing. Don't be unwise with the way you spend your money. Kasi in college with the fees in class, books, if you have to drive, gas, food siguro kasi you might be living on your own, that also means rent--there's a lot of things that your money can disappear to, so try to save money. Especially if your parents are helping you. My parents were helping me a little, and then you really start to learn to save money.

Also, I think college is a good time to really explore, like, you need to explore different classes, try to make new friends. In college, I met people from all around the world. I've met people from Korea, Japan, Philippines, Europe, Germany. In college you really learn a lot outside of the classroom. I thought that was cool.

And another thing, learn! Try to learn as much as you can 'cause that's what college is for. The degree is going to be there, you know, you get your degree, but you really need to learn (points at his head). That's the most important thing.

Did you have lots of friends in college? Did you go out often?
No, I'm a homebody. Back in college, maybe Friday nights, we'd just go to my friend's house and play video games or something. Every once in a while we go to party, but we don't really like going to clubs or bars. It's not really my thing.

Did you ever get drunk back then?
Yeah, there has been some times. But the thing is, when we drank, it's in a fun environment, it's among friends. It's weird when you're with strangers around and people you don't know so much, and they're drinking and then, you know, bad things happen. I drink with my friends every once in a while (laughs) but I'm never really a good drinker so I don't drink so often. If I drink, just a couple of sips. I'd be so red kasi I'm so maputi, may face is so white. So when I drink, the Asian glow, it's so evident.

Have you done anything wild?
I don't think I have done anything too wild. Probably the wildest thing I can remember is, back in highschool, a friend and I drove on a football field with our car. I won't say it's wild, it's just kinda stupid (laughs). Oh man, it's a little incriminating. Because it's a brand new football field, and I don't know why, we were just, "Hey, let's go drive around in circles!" And so we did that. I don't think it's wild, probably just stupid adolescence. Yeah, a prank. A wild prank (laughs)!

What's the wildest thing that has ever happened to you at a party?
I remember, a friend of mine, a guy friend, was like, “Hey man, my friend is having a birthday party.” I didn't know who she was. We go to the party and I meet the girl; it was the first time I met her and I guess she's drunk. She looks at me and they start playing some kind of music, I guess it was her favorite song, and she started dancing on me, like wild dancing! And I was like, "Who are you?" It's the first time I met her, and she was dancing on me like, you know, "Careless Whisper" kind of dance, like really. And that was probably the wildest thing that has ever happened to me. It was kinda scary, because after she did that, I went to my friend and said, "Who is that?" "Oh, she's my friend!" "Oh, you have a wild friend!" (Laughs.)

What's your wildest fantasy?
It's pretty wild; I don't think it will ever happen to me. But I want to own my own island, and build a house there. I'll have my own little Steven Island. Maybe that's not wild, but it's wild for me! I guess I would need a lot of money though (laughs)! I need to buy an island, and I want to build a really nice house there, and I want to build a helipad, so I can have my helicopter. Yeah, and I want to build a road around the island so I can drive around. And there are no speed limits! 'Cause it's wild!

You may chat with Steven Silva in real time when we hold a Cosmo Chat with him on June 23, 3PM to 4PM, on Cosmo Chat.

All clothes from SM Department Store.

Shot on location at Carlo's Pizza at The Venice Piazza at McKinley Hill, The Fort. Special thanks to Mr. Bernard Ong, Tinay Magtira, and Karen Sta. Maria.

Grooming by Cats del Rosario
Styling by Liz Anne Bautista

Assisted by Mica Yu
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