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Cover Girl Bea Alonzo: Good Girl Gone BOLD least for Cosmo. Find out what keeps her going in the biz and up to what extent she'll go SEXY.

From her film and television roles alone, Bea Alonzo, 21, is the prototype of a girl “good enough to bring home to mommy.” She has been an architect, a law student, and most recently, a young widow—roles that now bear her trademark of goodness.

Off-screen, she’s the same sweet, giggling girl who gets along with everyone. Barely a few minutes after she arrived for the Cosmo cover shoot, Bea started warming up to the team, cracking jokes with our makeup artist and hair stylist. With her striking Eurasian features and a cheerful voice that was slightly dampened by a cold that day, it was easy to get lost in her chatter. This, after all, is the same sweetheart whose diva-ism record remains spotless.

And yet, Bea is not afraid to tell Cosmo about her recent epiphany: that she, just like any other person, has come to terms with the fact that she can’t always be all right—and be completely honest about it. “I’ve always been so okay with everything. Wala akong regrets kasi I see the positive side of things,” she admits. “Ngayon nasasabi ko na for example, ‘I’m sad, and I’m not scared to admit it. I’m only human.’”

But this is not to say we can expect to hear Bea whining from this point on. (We didn’t even hear her complain about her cold that day.) The young actress, who makes it a point to be like her idol Maricel Soriano, is much more focused on developing her skills as a serious actress, despite the many praises already heaped upon her.

Her latest work, And I Love You So, with Derek Ramsay and Sam Milby, is just one of the many outlets where Bea truly shows her depth as a young actress. Again, she plays a woman older than she is and whose life is already marked by tragedy, with the untimely death of her husband (Ramsay). And as if that is not enough, she deals with her confused emotions when a new man (Milby) comes into her life.

After coming out of such a heavy role, we're curious how the young actress keeps her own emotions in check. In’s exclusive interview, discover a more candid, laid-back Bea who fearlessly talks about getting over her own fears, staying true to herself, and quickly moving on.
beamain2.jpgA lot of people say you’re at your peak right now. Do you agree with that?
Parang hindi naman (laughs). People say that, but…hindi naman. Marami sigurong mas naha-hype sa akin, iyong mga personal problems ko. Siguro [it’s] better to appreciate the things that are happening right now.

What has been your smartest life move so far?
Siguro 'yung nag-join ako ng showbiz. Ako na 'yung nag-decide n'on e. I was discovered in a beauty contest. It was smart kasi I think it’s smart to go with your instincts and your main talent. Wala akong pinangarap kundi umarte. Sobrang fascinated ako sa media. Siguro kung hindi ako artista, I’ll be working behind the scenes. I love the art of showing people what’s happening.

Your roles are really mature. You even played a 20-something when you were a teen. How do you prepare for a role?
It was an advantage to start with older roles kasi hindi ako dumaan sa awkward stage na teenybopper. Ang disadvantage naman, hindi ako nabibigyan ng consideration na I’m portraying a 21-year-old when I was 14, ngayon naman 27, married, namatayan ng asawa. They always expect more from you. Which I think is also good kasi napu-push mo ang sarili mo beyond your limits.

What’s the most important lesson you got from the roles you’ve done?
It’s always nice to acknowledge what you feel. Hindi iyong ilalagay mo sa isang box or shell na dadadamin mo na lang forever. It’s always nice to let other people know also, hindi ‘yung magwawala ka na lang. Tell them what you feel and fix things.

Do you have any issues about moving on?
I don’t dwell on my problems. Ayokong nalulungkot. Sa totoong buhay, hindi ako iyakin, minsan lang 'pag sobra na. I go out with my friends, I invite them over. ‘Pag nag-iisa ako, nade-depress ako at ayoko ‘yun, kasi ang dami kong nare-realize when I’m alone. So it’s better to be with friends.

You’ve really slimmed down. Do you love your body now?
Gusto ko pang mag-lose ng kaunti. I’m planning to go back to yoga and the gym again. Motivated ako na ayoko nang bumalik sa dati kong katawan. Everyone’s saying na this is the perfect size for me so I’ll maintain this. Mas masarap din magbihis 'pag gusto mo 'yung katawan mo. Pwede kang mag-t-shirt lang [and you’ll still feel good].

Will you ever go sexy?
Kung men’s magazines, hindi. I admire those people na nagpo-pose talaga kasi that means they’re confident about their bodies. Ako, kailangan ko pa ng extra effort to do that. Iba 'yung gusto kong gawin. Siguro sa pelikula, if the character calls for it, for a specific scene. Kung sa pelikula, kung kailangan, yes.

How do you deal with the pressure at work?
Kasi 'di ba ngayon ‘pag sinasabi nilang, “Ang taba mo, magpapayat ka.” Gusto nila overnight papayat ka. Impossible naman ‘yun,  nakaka-depress na araw-araw na lang ganun. Ngayon dini-disregard ko na lang. Kapag sinasabing mataba ako, I’m going to do something about it.

What makes it all worth it?
Kapag naa-appreciate ng mga tao 'yung ginagawa ko. Kasi feeling ko iyon naman ang reason why I’m here. Hindi naman fame, money; masabihan ka lang ng, “you guys did well.” Hindi kailangan ng best actress nod. Mas importante 'yung maaalala ka pa ng mga tao, 'yung after ilang years masasabi pa rin nila 'yung sinabi mo sa film kasi parang nag-iiwan ka ng memories sa puso nila.

What’s your advice to Cosmo girls?
If you know there’s something wrong with you or you have to improve yourself, do something about it. Don’t just accept the criticisms. Don’t feel bad about every criticism, baka mawalan ka na ng sarili mong decisions. It’s always nice to accept and adjust to what people notice. Even sa sarili mong ugali. Hindi mo napapansin, pero 'yung mga taong nakikita ka, sila 'yung nakakaalam. So you should pick your real friends and ask them. If they are your real friends, sasabihin nila sa ‘yo kahit 'yung pinakamasakit na bagay for you.

See behind-the-scenes pics of Bea's Cosmo cover shoot here and watch the video here.

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