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Cute Guys Fill Cosmo In On Their School Stud Personas

Check out the crushable clubbers we spotted at the biggest white party in town. You'll wish you had gone to school with them!

If you think all we did at Bigfish Innovation White 2012 was party 'til kingdom come while keeping an eye out for stylish stunners, think again. It wouldn't be a Cosmo night out if we we didn't scope out the party's stud population.

While the girls filled us in on their school fashion statements, we asked the college cuties and working guys we bumped into to share their campus stud personas. Were they sporty jocks on the varsity team, geeks who obsessed over comic books, rebels who marched to their own beat, or those quiet types every girl just wants to know better? After chatting with these crushable clubbers, we wished we had gone to school with all of them.

Launch the gallery to find out what they had to say!

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