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The *Cutest* 'The Return Of Superman' Episodes Featuring The Song Triplets

We miss them so much!

It was in 2014 when we met the cutest two-year-old triplets on Korean television: Song Daehan, Song Minguk, and Song Manse. The three angels made their TV debut alongside their appaJumong star Song Il Kook, on the reality show The Return of Superman. In a nutshell, the show challenges celebrity fathers to spend 48 hours with their children without the help of their wives. 

Daehan, Minguk, and Manse easily won our hearts with their cute and kulit antics. Of course, we can’t not talk about how adorably matakaw they are—watching their episodes always felt like watching a bb mukbang! Though they were born on the same day, within minutes of each other, these three definitely have different personalities that we loved watching: Daehan the reliable panganay, Minguk, the smart and talented one, and Manse, the free-spirited bunso.  

Today, the boys are already eight years old (I know right!) but we still love rewatching their episodes from when they were just squishy little things! Below, we listed down our favorite The Return of Superman episodes featuring the Song triplets. 


The first meeting

Who could forget the first time the triplets were introduced on the show? That scene where the triplets sat on their appa’s lap while he struggled to introduce them already gave us a preview of their unique personalities!

The one where they got their haircuts and learned to ride bikes

Poor Minguk bawled his eyes out at the hair salon! Plus, how cute were they learning to ride bikes with the neighborhood hyungs?

Their *iconic* Pororo dance

Warning: extreme gigil ahead!

Their memorable Japan trip to meet up with Sarang noona

Quite possibly also when we witnessed Sarang and Manse’s cute romance start! LOL!

This super chaotic episode with the triplets and Lee Twins

They were born one year and one day apart, and they celebrated their birthdays together one year. 

This special where Il Kook got his license to drive large vehicles and boys attended ballet

Living for Daehan and Minguk’s little banter, you guys. 

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Here’s when they went to the countryside and bathed in a big batya after being covered in mud! 

When Il Kook, father of the century, did a triathlon with one triplet in each event 

Amazing, tbh!

When they “enlisted” in the Korean Air Force

Cutest. Episode. Ever. 

When they attended a traditional Korean school and were ~*terrified*~ of their teacher

Here they are when they first met Lee Donggook's family, and they were Seola and Sua's oppas!

Their final episode that made us tear up just a little bit 

In their final appearance on the show, the triplets and their dad whipped a special meal for their eomma, who they even visited in her office. #Sadreax only to Manse saying he’s not sad because it will make the ~*dinosaur uncles*~ (aka cameramen) sad, too. 

You can still watch The Return of Superman on YouTube and Viu. 

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